Mac mini 2023

Apple has just announced the new Mac mini, which is supercharged by M2 and the all-new M2 Pro. The new Mac mini is even more powerful, capable, and affordable with a new starting price of just $849. The new M2 Pro chip delivers pro-level performance to Mac mini for the first time, enabling users to run high-performance workflows that were previously unimaginable in such a compact design.

The new Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro delivers faster performance, even more unified memory, and advanced connectivity, including support for up to two displays on the M2 model, and up to three displays on the M2 Pro model. This means that the new Mac mini is more versatile than ever, and can be used in a wide range of settings, from home offices to data centers.

The new Mac mini with M2 offers an 8-core CPU with four high-performance and four high-efficiency cores, along with a 10-core GPU, making it perfect for users looking for superfast performance and incredible productivity at an affordable starting price of $849. With up to 24GB of unified memory and 100GB/s of bandwidth, the new Mac mini can power through even more demanding workloads, such as image editing in Adobe Photoshop, which is up to 50 percent faster than the previous generation.

The new Mac mini with M2 Pro brings pro-level performance to the Mac mini for the first time. It offers up to a 12-core CPU with eight high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores, with up to 32GB of unified memory and 200GB/s of memory bandwidth. This makes it perfect for users who need powerful pro performance and can handle even more demanding workloads.

Overall, the new Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro is a powerful and versatile machine that offers faster performance, advanced connectivity, and more memory. It’s perfect for professionals and creators who need a powerful and compact desktop that can handle high-performance workflows. With a starting price of $849, the new Mac mini offers incredible value to first-time computer buyers, upgraders, and PC switchers. Customers can order the new Mac mini models beginning Monday, January 30