The lucky plants as per your zodiac sign to bring prosperity to the home and office

Just like gemstones, plants are an integral part of astrology, and some of them bring plenty of good luck to zodiac signs. These lucky plants may make all the difference when it comes to bringing prosperity to your home and office spaces.

Plants influence zodiac signs in various ways. These include herbs as well, as they have healing and calming properties. Hence, it is believed that planting these lucky plants in our homes can elevate the well-being of the 12 zodiacs.

The study of plants’ impact on zodiacs is called botanical astrology. Such is its significance that it has been mentioned in both Vedic and Western astrology. Here, an individual’s zodiac sign is matched with plants and the latter are expected to bring prosperity and good luck to the households they are placed in.

How these plants bring prosperity

Lucky plants for zodiac signs
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Plant parents would be happy to know that they can further enhance their home garden by opting for certain herbs, grass varieties, flowering shrubs or creepers based on their zodiac sign to accelerate the powers of their ruling planets. Additionally, they help in calming the energies of some unfavourable astrophysical elements in the residents’ birth charts and bring them inner peace along with a sense of fulfilment.

Besides planets, every zodiac sign is denoted by one of the four natural elements — air, water, fire and earth. These, too, are taken into consideration before recommending a plant for your growth. Botanical astrology analyses the basic traits of every zodiac sign before suggesting a favourable (read lucky) plant to them.

Here are some lucky plants as per your zodiac sign to buy

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The Aries, denoted by the ram, is a cardinal fire sign. Their fearless spirit appeals to the vibrant orange orchid. The zodiac is also known to invest a lot in relationships they are truly passionate about. Hence, even though difficult to tend to, the Aries, influenced by the planet Mars, is capable of raising the plant with the love and care it requires. Orange orchids are lucky for Aries because they complement the warm yet vivacious zodiac on an organic level.

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This earth sign is represented by a bull and ruled by the planet of beauty and love — Venus. They are self-sufficient and do what they like. Hence, the lush green yet hardy palm is suitable for this sign, and it requires little care. The parlour palm thrives in low sunlight and will forgive the Taurean even if they forget to water it. The palm accentuates the qualities of being earthy and strong just like this earth sign and hence is known to bring prosperity to this luxury-loving sign.

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The Gemini is denoted by the symbol of The Twins. Its ruling planet is Mercury and is playful, intelligent, curious and highly sociable. So what makes the prayer plant perfect for the zodiac?

Just like this air sign, the plant can be described as unique and dynamic, owing to its ability to grow in no specific pattern. Moreover, they are a bit easy to tend to, which suits well for a Gemini with a high-functioning social life and an enterprising career.

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The water lily is the spirit plant of this sensitive water sign denoted by a crab. This cardinal sign is influenced by the moon and is extremely peace-loving and non-confrontational.

Lilies are the symbols of peace and tranquillity, which makes them a perfect match for Cancerians. This plant is believed to spread positive energy and ward off negative energy from the atmosphere. Peace lily, which belongs to the same species, is also known as the fortune plant. Plus, both these plants can grow in water, which is a Cancerian element. These factors add up to this plant being very lucky for the zodiac.

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Vibrant and royal in its appearance, bromeliads grow in warm temperatures in the tropics. Leo is a fixed sign denoted by a lion and influenced by the sun. They have an aura of a celebrity, are passionate and might even come across as vain. The bromeliads shine bright just like this zodiac sign and are easy to maintain, provided they get a good amount of sunlight. This flower, which has a bright plumage, goes perfectly well with the Leo energy and is known to bring a lot of fortune to the zodiac.

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Systematic and with an attention to detail, Virgos are mutable earth signs who strive for perfection in every aspect of their life. They are denoted by the planet of communication, Mercury, just like Gemini but unlike the latter, they like to internalise their emotions. The rubber plant needs a lot of care and is high maintenance. It also needs to be watered carefully. A Virgo parent would love to follow a strict schedule and tend to a rubber plant, giving it a lot of attention. Rubber is a symbol of wealth, and this plant complements perfectly well with this zodiac.

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The symbol of a balancing scale represents the Libra. It is a cardinal sign ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. This equilibrium-seeking zodiac will find a lot of peace with this indoor plant that is perfectly symmetrical. Monstera, which looks aesthetically pleasing and flourishes in moderate sunlight, is known to attract wealth for the Librans.

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Mysterious and often misunderstood, this water sign denoted by the scorpion is the most emotionally deep sign of the 12 zodiacs. They are influenced by the planet Pluto and have abilities to look straight into one’s soul. What makes the snake plant perfect for Scorpios is not just its low-maintenance qualities but also its complementing traits.

The snake plant needs very little light and water to thrive, and its tapered and sharp leaves lend the plant its nickname — Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. Scorpios are also credited with having an intelligent mind and a razor-sharp tongue. Hence, this plant is an ideal gift for the zodiac, and it ushers good luck.

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The heart-shaped leaves of this tropical plant appeal highly to the travel-loving, free-spirited mutable fire sign of Sagittarius influenced by the planet Jupiter. These rare, beautiful houseplants need good care to survive, and Sagittarius symbolised by the archer are perfectly fit for this challenge, as they are knowledge-seeking individuals who are always up for a new adventure. These plants pair perfectly well with the soul of a Sagittarius; hence, they are one of the luckiest plants to keep.

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Rooted in tradition yet realistic, the goal-oriented sign of Capricorn can benefit greatly from this Feng Shui lucky plant which has a lot of significance in Western astrology as well. Capricorn is ruled by the planet of rules and regulations, Saturn, and is a cardinal earth sign. A self-motivated overachiever, a Capricorn would enjoy growing a lucky bamboo plant which needs perfect soil, sunlight and water conditions.

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This fixed air sign is symbolised by the planet of innovation, Uranus. It seeks revolution and is the most progressive sign among the zodiacs. The fast-growing money plant signals progress and attracts wealth and good fortune for the Aquarius.

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This mutable water sign is denoted by two fishes swimming in opposite directions and is compassionate and wise. The spider plant grows like thick grass and looks calming yet beautiful. It does not need too much sunlight and is a perfect houseplant. These characteristics make them suited for the Piscean sensibilities and bring them good fortune, as the plant has fast-growing properties and an immediate calming effect which is quite akin to the Piscean soul.

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The lucky plants as per your zodiac sign to bring prosperity to the home and office

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