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Well, we all get these stray thoughts sometimes. They are orphaned from our lives and our doings and just appear quickly like the flash of a trout in cool water. Quickly gone.

Sometimes we see them again and catch them with that wide net of curiosity that our mind throws out there. We never know which ones we’ll catch for the moment—what speckled shiny idea will find us with a cup of tea in reverie.

These kinds of things happen to people who do not live on cellphones. I’m fairly certain it happens very rarely in those who do. They are not capable of knowing what a bored brain might do to fill the spaces unlit by ever-present screens because, well, they have no time.

The screen has decided they have no time and they have accepted this. If they actually stooped to reverie, it would have to be part of some multi-tasking thing like exercise and dog-walking and yoga and emptying the mind meditation. Which is not reverie at all. Well, not the kind I speak of anyway. But that is neither here nor there.

Just this day I caught an odd fish of an idea. One of those “why” ideas I always seem to get as if I’d not grown any older than a four-year-old in all this time. Some of us are like that.

This idea wasn’t a rainbow trout idea but more like a brown trout. Brown and fishy and uninteresting really but nevertheless an idea worth making a cup of tea for to watch the snow that skeletons the branches of leafless trees against a white sky.

This idea is not new nor particularly interesting really. Everybody knows it. In their hearts. If they were honest: why is it that the very thing that seems to be making us all miserable is proffered to us as the solution to our misery? See, I told you it was a boring ubiquitous idea but if you REALLY think about it….

Technology has caused incredible harm in every direction and yet is supposed to be our salvation. Sure, it has also accomplished amazing things in many ways but it has virtually (and that is not a pun) destroyed human interactions and play.

In other words, it had no business getting involved with people at any social or psychological level. It should have stayed where it belonged—a resource, a tool to science and engineers, a reference, a practical service.

Instead of recognizing this, the solution is always the same… keep upgrading technology that should not be there in the first place. If children are depressed and confused then keep upgrading. Offer more games, more names, more shames until they disappear into a world we don’t share and probably never can. Until they are lost entirely.

Everyone knows this whether they wish to admit it or not. How many more scientific studies do we need? All this social media in particular has broken humans and particularly the children. We know this and yet we do nothing. Because we have no time.

No time to watch the children.

Now, if any of us were serious about rebelling about how the globalists want to turn us into machinery or in service to it, we’d throw away cellphones. Maybe just get ourselves a flip phone. But we won’t, will we? That would mean we were actually serious. Do any of us have a right to complain if we don’t?

I don’t know of course. As ever. I am just going to watch the snow. Some days it feels like the frozen tears of angels weeping on us all. They aren’t wearing masks apparently.

Here’s a favourite quote from Edwige from a comment section on my last article:

Those seagulls will need a chip van 15 minutes from their nest….”

…and here’s an earworm:

Syl Shawcross lives in the province of Quebec, Canada.


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