Sylvia Shawcross

Um…Is anybody else out there starting to feel sorry for the globalists?

Even though perhaps I’m being overly optimistic in thinking the globalists are losing the battle for absolute control and there might be a future we can live with?

I’m just starting to feel very sad for these poor bastard globalists. It’s almost as if We the People must gently take them by the hands and sit them down and explain that we understand they thought they were doing the best thing for us all but that they’re coming across as warmongers, divisive hypocrites, patriarchal dictators, confused fools, horrific diplomats, avaricious predators, mostly rich old white men at the very top, and elitist psychopaths living in a cultish bubble world.

Or they are pawns to the banksters who really messed us all up in the first place. I’m not saying that is what they are, but certainly they’re coming across very frequently as not nice people.

We don’t want them to feel such shame really. Can we save them I wonder? We must take care of them. They know not what they do—paving the road to hell with good intentions or should we say publicly announced good intentions?

They might be evil but to be fair, they might also be paragons of virtue but that seems quite unlikely given the misery going on right now across the planet.

For example, it would help if Mr. Gates now the largest private owner of farmland in the USA would actually grow some crops on the fields he’s invested in… you know… to feed the about-to-be starving people who owned the land in the first place.

Or, if they have a reason for all that, they could maybe explain it to us. You know—We the People major part of the equation. (And actually, while they’re at it, maybe they can explain why they’re driving off the Dutch farmers to build a Supercity on the lowlands that apparently due to climate change will all be under water soon enough we’ve been told… but that’s an entirely different thing…)

I think those familiar with the problem/reaction/solution way of doing things (where the solution is offered up by those that created the problem to serve their own ends) need to realize that perhaps the solution has already happened.

We were just looking at and waiting for the wrong thing. We thought We the People would be offered the solution but it was them: The leaders were misled into solutions from even bigger globalists. We are just the inconvenient herds that they in turn feel the need to manage and mislead.

They were the ones who fell for the orchestrated solutions. That’s why we must help them. If we don’t help them then the biggest globalists of all will take over the whole world in one big controlled dystopia. Or so it seems. It is almost as if as the biggest of the globalists is seriously happy to see all this lack of faith in our governments. They need it to be that way. And so it is.

Yes, we understand the world is a mess and they had to do something. And they probably didn’t know what to do. But the problem is, bureaucrats and leaders and technocrats and bankers are the ones “least” likely to understand how to fix it.

They could have asked us—the ones living in the real world without the guaranteed salaries and benefits and stuff. People like the truckers of Canada and the Farmers of Denmark and the taxi-drivers and the hairdressers and the town elders of every place everywhere. The ones that actually keep the world running. But no….

Seems like there are two types of people involved with the globalist leaders. The first type wants power and prestige and glory and money at the end of the day. They may want to believe they are visionaries and saviours but in truth, how can they be either when they basically are causing so much suffering around the world ?

They may be such things but to selected groups. Certainly not the majority at this point. They certainly claim they’re not responsible for all this but then why is it so coincidental that every catastrophe seems to fit into their agenda starting even before the war on terrorism? It would be extraordinarily Machiavellian of them to suggest that the ends justify the means in all these cases. If you can AT ALL care about the human condition.

The second type are the little guys where we find the desolate boring lives of little bureaucrats and minions doing little bureaucratic miniony things mostly in little cubicles working on little computers with little fingers, changing history without reference to the big picture because they are in the world of “little” after all.

Some of them I mean. Not all of course. But if we’re going to feel sorry for anyone, these are the ones that deserve our pity the most.

They REALLY do not know what they do. They’re just following orders after all believing they’re following good guys. Believing they are serving the Greater Good without understanding who defines the Greater Good.

Then we have The LGBTQ community. First Nations. Women. Blacks, Hispanics, Social Justice warriors, Environmentalists, Vegans, you name it. All believing their utopia is on the way. And this is a hopeful and inspiring thing in many ways.

But will they survive the big global agenda they are all ultimately if not unwittingly working for?

Sadly they won’t be able to understand that agenda because they’re “specialized” in their victimhood. All victims are unable to see the forest for the trees. And being a victim means there are bad guys out there creating the suffering and all those bad guys are different for different groups. This is why the big agenda is so impossible to see.

Surviving what’s possibly coming on the way to their utopia makes all these distinctions irrelevant and figuring that out is the scary part. It is scary because people’s good intentions were weaponized to this global end and few figured it out.

All these groups were divided from each other. Deliberately. This is so when things get really bad, the groups will fight each other over who the bad guys are. They’ll possibly have to have competitions. Is it the ones who hate women? Or the ones who hate men? Or the one’s who hate meat? Or the unvaccinated?

Or…maybe it is the ones who have the “other” skin colour or the wrong religion or the wrong political party or live in the wrong country or are poor or rich or working class or like margarine instead of butter? It won’t be pretty nevertheless, no matter who might win.

We are all apparently puttering about on the same planet no matter what you might be or believe—for thousands of years of civilization. And when things are taken too far and too fast and to extremes, everybody loses. Gains won over time can disappear in a flash. And all those with well-intended but deliberately separate agendas will not find their utopia.

This is why We the People need to help our leaders. If we want a better world.

Now, back to these bureaucratic minions— they have been doing all this for 20 years already because believe it or not, all this chaos took some planning by the global elites. These minions believe they are not responsible. No more so than the people who kept detailed lists of Nazi concentration camp victims. It was about being efficient after all.

And isn’t the chaos we sell now all about being efficient? Smart phones and Building Back Better and Smart cities and Sustainable things all geared towards that goal? Global IDs and facial recognition systems to keep track of us all. All tidy, safe, predictable and efficient.

For the leaders to manage us all.

But I believe they are living in a delusion. Life is not tidy. It’s very messy actually. And much more so lately.

We need to bring our leaders back to appreciate the real world in all its messiness where beauty and love and sloppy mistakes create all that room for humanity’s best creative moments. Maybe its worst as well, but also its best: Love and compassion for the “other” instead of hatred and targeting of the “other” for what they truly believe; the best form of the worst forms of all governments in the hope of democracy (not the ugly way it has been transformed into ridiculous regime-change wars or being corporately sponsored into meaninglessness); negotiating for peace and understanding; freedom—these being some of our greatest achievements and the reason why we need to help our leaders escape the cult. They seem unable to understand these basic things now.

It wasn’t until they got involved with the global agenda (with mass-media enablement) that we were led to question much of what we achieved and ended up all divided. We The People really are the victims. En masse. Our one commonality.

What can we do? The only solution is to bus in the cult deprogrammers. Eventually our leaders will return to reality. They will be able to live without these wild agendas and be happy. It just takes time and expertise. Anybody got an idea who we can hire?

Here is a song that came across my feed and I have no idea what the hell or who the hell they are but its an earworm for the day because there is absurdity in this life. Life is life. That’s what it is. (And I really can’t say enough about the powder blue pantsuit.)

And here is a quote supplied by wardropper who quotes Rudolf Steiner: “A time will come when the truth will be more a question of experience than of ‘proof’ “.

Syl Shawcross lives in the province of Quebec in Canada.


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