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Are you ready for an exciting and thrilling experience at the Singapore Motorshow 2023? Come visit the Suzuki booth (Level 4, #116) and discover comprehensive line-up of car models, including the Suzuki Swift, Swift Sport, Jimmy, and Ignis. Each model is designed with its own unique personality and comfort in mind, guaranteeing something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the main highlights at our booth is the showcase of four exclusive artworks created by local artist, Erika Tay. These vibrant and colourful designs represent the personalities of each of the four models displayed at the Motorshow. The Suzuki Swift features the Kitsune, a fox known for its cunning spirit and intelligence, that mirrors the Suzuki Swift’s zippy and spicy personality. The illustration of the rabbit is a symbol of speed and a nod to 2023, the Year of the Rabbit. The Swift Sport sports an illustration of a maneki-neko, the Japanese beckoning cat, believed to bring good luck and fortune, surfing on waves to represent the high degree of responsiveness and an exhilarating experience behind the wheel. The Suzuki Ignis is adorned with Daruma dolls, a timeless representation of Japanese culture, that represents the sentiment of past meets present, while the modern symbols capture the quirky, bold spirit of the Ignis. The Jimny, known for its fearless ability to take on harsh terrains, finds a kindred spirit in the Samurais, revered for their courage, tenacity and skill, the decal captures the personality of the Jimny, reflecting the indomitable spirit of the Japanese warriors.

For customers who purchase their Suzuki vehicle at the booth, they have the option of receiving their vehicle with the decal. For non-drivers, the artwork is also available for purchase. Official images of the illustrations will be shared on the 12th of January.

Visit the Singapore Motorshow 2023 and discover the Suzuki way of building cars and delivering experiences.