Silence their voices to make their voices heard, Spotify doles out a genius in India.

Spotify’s campaign ‘The Unheard Playlist’ conceptualised by Wondrlab sends the message about the importance of female artists in every music composition that comes out. 

The film showcases the creation of an enhanced playlist on Spotify, in partnership with Sony Music India, featuring popular duet songs from across the country. However, these tracks are created with the absence of female vocals, suggesting that when the voice of a female is muted, it does not create the desired impact. It then goes on to feature a video message from top Indian women music artists like Asees Kaur, Shweta Mohan, Sanah Moidutty who urged viewers to help them get women’s voices heard. 

Sameet Soni, content-lead, WondrLab India, said, “Modern day advertising is about using platforms in the best manner to engage with consumers. We’ve seen such trends typically in categories such as gaming, interactive videos etc. By muting the female vocals in popular duet songs, in Hindi and other regional languages, we used music innovatively, on a music platform itself.”

Amit Akali, CCO and co-founder, Wondrlab India, said, “What we’ve pulled-off thanks to Spotify and Sony Music India is amazing. And the act has taken a life of its own, with the top music artists in the country actually spreading it and getting our message ‘heard’.”


Client – Spotify India

Marketing manager – Pulkit Mathur

Marketing manager – Lary Noronha

Artist and label partnership manager – Sreekar Suravajhala

Senior editor – Sannidh Shah

Editor music and culture – Vidya Sivalenka

Media coordinator – Dixita Ghelani

Social media lead – Romit Naik

Social media consultant – Tanisha Murarka




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