The funding raised will be used to improve WSI’s technology capabilities to meet the demands of digitalisation.


As the world continues its pace of digitalisation, many sectors of the economy are plugging themselves within the space lest they get left behind. Traditional sectors such as finance have been disrupted in the past few years due to the rise of fintech technology and slowly, it has spilled over to the media industry. Investors who are keen on leveraging on the first-mover advantage are putting in the resources to help grow this potentiality.

One of such company is Wonder Strategic International (WSI), which announced it had completed a funding round that helped it raise a six-figure sum. AOR Global, TNF Ventures and Cryphus Capital led the fund seeding.

WSI is the holding company of Wonder Paradise, and offers a full suite of media services ranging from content and production to talent management and co-creating intellectual properties in areas such as content, media, event spaces and Web 3.0. Singapore’s prominent music producer, playwright and film director, Dick Lee, is an artiste under Wonder Paradise.

Dick Lee HERO

The funds raised from the recent fundraiser will be used to improve WSI’s technology capabilities, allowing the company to remain at the forefront of the rapidly changing content and media landscape. The company also launched its very own metaverse, the Paradise Metaworld, powered by Singapore’s Xctuality, in addition to growing its Web 3.0 community through creative talent and intellectual property creations. An immersive and dynamic online experience is provided to users by this innovative new platform, which offers a variety of new channels for content, live events, and meta-commerce.

On its management team, Ms Shirley Wong of TNF Ventures is appointed as WSI’s new chairman while Mr George Goh, Chairman & CEO of Ossia International Ltd, and Mr Goh Seng Wee, MD of Brain Too Free Ventures join its advisory board. This is part of the ongoing expansion and growth of the company as it prepares itself for the future.

“Through its global network, Wonder Paradise is set to produce I.CON-Influence Marcon 2023 this quarter, bringing together leading industry professionals, tech and marketing experts, and global icons, celebrities, and creators. The platform provided by I.CON 2023 allows attendees to inspire the following generation of technological leaders while exchanging insights and forecasts. The event will also feature successful global icons and creators such as Miki Rai, Cantika Citra, Bowie & Boanne Cheung, Sam & Monica, who will collaborate with local Singapore creators such as Royce Lee, Julie Tan, Sonia Chew, Noah Yap and many more to share their invaluable views and insights over two days of events, both physically and through the Metaverse.”

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