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Samsung Electronics introduced Exynos Connect, a new wireless communication semiconductor brand, to cater to the rapidly growing ultra-wideband (UWB) market.

Samsung Electronics unveiled the Exynos Connect U100, a UWB-based short-range wireless communication semiconductor on March 21.

The product has obtained an internationally recognized certification through the FiRa Consortium’s certification center, which sets standards on UWB technology and verifies product compatibility.

UWB is a short-range wireless communication technology that quickly transmits large amounts of information at low power over a wide frequency band. It is gaining popularity in various fields such as smart keys, smart homes, and smart factories because it can accurately measure the distance and location of a device to within a few centimeters.

The Exynos Connect U100 unveiled by Samsung Electronics is a radio frequency (RF) device. It is characterized by integrating eFlash memory and a power management IP on a single chip. Therefore, it can be easily applied to miniaturized devices. It is ideal for mobile, battlefield, and small Internet of Things (IoT) devices that must run for long periods of time on low-capacity batteries by implementing behavior-optimized power modes. It is loaded with time-of-arrival (ToA) and 3D angle-of-arrival (AoA) functions so that it can measure distances, detect positions, and gain a bearing even in complex environments.

It also shows excellent security performance with the STS function and a secure hardware HW encryption engine that rolls back hacking attempts from the outside during communications. It also supports the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC)’s Digital Key Release 3 standard for storing vehicle digital key values and sharing user authentication.



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