Sabre Corporation has announced its extension of two agreements with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). As a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry, Sabre renews their multi-year content distribution agreement to continue their partnership with PIA in the Pakistani market.

Following a successful Global Distribution System (GDS) joint venture in Pakistan since 2004, this extension will allow PIA to continue having full access to Sabre’s extensive global seller network. Allowing for better marketing and selling of PIA’s content, Sabre supports PIA with advanced technological solutions, including the ‘Sabre Red 360’ point of sale to travel agents across Pakistan.

Air Vice Marshal Muhammad Amir Hayat, Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan International Airlines, pronounced their delight in their relationship with Sabre.

“We are delighted to have reaffirmed and strengthened our relationship with Sabre with these two renewals so that, together, we can move forward with our plans to not only grow PIA’s footprint and revenue but also to facilitate growth in the wider Pakistan travel ecosystem.”

The PIA services comprise a vast network of locations across Pakistan, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. With the plans to expand further, Sabre expressed their excitement for PIA’s future ambitions.

“We greatly value our partnership with PIA,” said Brett Thorstad, Vice President of Sabre Travel Solutions, Agency Sales, Asia Pacific. “As the travel industry recovery continues apace, it’s vital that the travel agency community in Pakistan can access Sabre’s advanced global suite of solutions and services. We are excited about the growth trajectory of the Pakistan market and the future prospects for Sabre, PIA, and this joint venture.”

Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, Travel Solutions, Airline Sales, detailed the emphasis airlines place on creating the correct fares and offers. 

“But what is also essential is that airlines have the ability to get those offers in front of the right travel sellers and passengers at the right time,” he said, stating that the extension of their GDS agreement with PIA will allow the airline to benefit from Sabre’s vast and effective network. At the same time, Sabre’s network of travel sellers will have access to a range of PIA’s domestic and international content.



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