Introducing two brands of cannabis flowers to review, A Golden State and PHASES, each with two new mouth-watering strains. DOPE set out to dive in and get a taste of these new offerings.  

A Golden State (AGS), a Northern California-based cultivation company with solid, award-winning genetics, sustainable cultivation  practices, and pure water melted from snow straight from Mt. Shasta.   

The company also uses a natural solid blend that is derived from coconut hulls, full of so many nutrients that are beneficial to the cannabis plant. AGS is full of expert cultivators who know their cannabis genetics. Expert botanists at AGS breed each of the strains for specific terpene profiles that match the intended effect of the flower. You can find them in legal stores all over California, here.

PHASES, on the other hand, is a cannabis brand that offers flowers based on effects. Or as the company says, “cannabis for every mood.” This is strictly indoor grown cannabis, grown by experts and connoisseurs who take time to select strains that have certain terpene profiles and flavors with that strain’s intended effect. The result is some beautifully grown flowers that have a great nose and leave a sweet aftertaste, and will deliver when it comes to physical/mental effects. 

A Golden State

Night Sky (Indica)

This heavy indica is for relaxation, sharing with friends for leisure and sleep. It is for experienced users and causes a heavy euphoria, may cause drowsiness and couchlock. This flower is bold in both its effects and its nose, look and touch. The buds are nice and round, with purple specks of neon green throughout, and dense and full of orange trichomes. Night Sky’s genetics are a cross between Face on Fire and AGS. It has a 32.39% THC level and a CBD level of 0.08%.  The flowers are best  burned when using a water bong or vaporizer. Night Sky has a piney, fruit taste with hints of melon, and a slightly OG-tasting smoke.

Alpine Sunrise (Sativa)

This super stoney sativa hits the mark, when it comes to a nice nose, with scents of citrus and pineapple. The buds are green with dots of bright purple, almost like a mix of mostly green grapes with some bright purple ones throughout. The smoke is clean and leaves a very pleasant skunky aroma. This terpene-heavy flower’s genetics are a cross between Durban Poison and Paris OG and you can really taste the OG. The effects leave users elevated and ready to take on any task; along with  some therapeutic effects, including  for pain, anxiety and to induce hunger.

As for the THC level, Alpine Sunrise has a 33.3% level, while its CBD level is at 0.07%. This is a great looking, smelling and tasting flower, and the effects are beneficial if you want more of an upper type of sativa. 

Photo courtesy of PHASES.


Super Berry Crush (Sativa)

This is PHASE’S High Frequency line of sativa flowers, heavy with trichomes that give off a citrus, and berry flavor and nose. The buds are still sticky and very hairy and are a dark green, with some notes of bright green and purple leaves. The buds are super frosty looking and have a flavor profile similar to grapefruit. This sativa is a strain between Black Cherry Punch, and Tropicana Cookies. You can really taste the Cookies, and the Black Cherry Punch gives it that  distinct berry flavor.

Super Berry Crush has a total of 32.8% THC, and 0.07% CBD. Users will get some euphoria, followed by a sense of focus and moments of clarity, and bursts of energy along with creativity. This is a great, high energy sativa flower with a super clean smoke, with a pleasant fruity aftertaste. This flower is AMAZING to vaporize. 

Delight (Indica)

This is PHASE’S Retrograde line of indica flowers. These flowers are super bright and have a very piney nose out of the jar. The nugs are dense and dark green with tons of purple sugar leaves and bright orange trichomes. Delight is a crossbreed between Gelato 33 and the great Wedding Cake. These exotics definitely give Delight a unique flavor profile that is somewhere between a Meyer Lemon or Grapefruit with hints of Kimi and a slight skunky, pleasantly sour aroma.

This is another heavy strain in terms of its effects, it’s perfect for listening to music,  comedy, or getting a good night’s sleep. Expect a very deep, mellow, relaxing euphoria. Delight’s THC levels come in at 32.4%, with a CBD level of 0.06 percent. Not bad to watch a movie and fall asleep, this is great in a joint.



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