Australian airline Qantas revealed the first look into the premium and business suites that will fly non-stop on the longest route. With suites that look like hotel rooms and are designed for comfort, space, and luxury, the A350 flight will take the ultimate test of a 22-hour flight path.

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The flight will be non-stop between London, Australia, and New York by 2025. The carrier explained that by the requirements of these routes, designing new premium class cabins was a must-do. Seating options were planned by collaboration between Caon Design and health specialists from the Univeristy of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre.


“We think our A350 cabins have the most sophisticated and thoughtful design of any airline,” stated Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, “combining cutting-edge technology with sleep research to shape the look and feel for what is effectively a new era of travel.”

Sleep, exercise, and monotony were all identified as issues to address when “Project Sunrise” started its trials from London to Sydney in November 2019. With weight considerations of the long flight routes, 62 passengers had to be removed, which granted designers plenty of room to work with.

The first-class suites look like hotel rooms rather than passenger seats; every room includes a recliner seat, a lie-flat bed, a 32” television, and a wardrobe. Joyce described these “mini boutique hotel” seats will make all the difference for passengers opting for this non-stop flight.

There are also 52 business-class pods with aisle access, leather-bound ottomans, and all the comforts and conveniences customers might need during an entire day in the skies. A new local wi-fi entertainment system will also allow customers to stream film and use personal devices instead of using the seat-mounted screens.

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“All the design and service elements will work together to significantly improve inflight comfort, convenience, and health and wellbeing and help minimise the old nemesis of jetlag,” said David Caon, lead designer.

A communal “Wellbeing Zone” will be on offer for passengers to stretch their legs on the way from Sydney to New York City. Qantas stated that the configuration will eventually be rolled out on all of its 12 plane sint he A350 fleet.




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