One Chinese-Pakistani dual national was shot dead and two others left injured after an armed attacker posing as a patient opened fire at a dental clinic in Karachi, Pakistan. The three dual nationals had been operating the dental clinic in the area for 40 years. Investigators said that the attacker, in his early 30s, “didn’t hurt Pakistanis” in Wednesday’s incident.

The victims have been identified as Ronald Chow, who worked as an assistant to dentist Richard Hu, 74, and his wife Margaret, 72. The incident left the couple wounded, while Chow lost his life. The suspect escaped on a motorbike with the help of an accomplice. 

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Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah condemned the attack and said such incidents were “intolerable”.

“The security of Chinese residents should be ensured in every way,” he tweeted.

The motive behind the shooting isn’t clear yet. While no one has claimed responsibility for the incident, it is important to note that Chinese nationals have faced similar attacks in the country in the past as well.

Last April, three Chinese language teachers and their Pakistani driver were killed in an alleged suicide bombing in Karachi. The separatist Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had said it attacked the vehicle. Notably, BLA opposes Chinese investment in Pakistan saying that it doesn’t benefit locals. 

China runs large infrastructure projects across Pakistan, including the Balochistan province where insurgency has been a problem for years.

(With inputs from agencies)

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