NHN Cloud to Unveil Virtual Fitting Room Technology

The cloud affiliate of NHN Corp., a South Korean leading information technology company, announced a plan to release a virtual fitting room service that allows users to virtually try on clothes before purchasing them at Internet shopping malls, in the latter half of this year.

The new service enables users to overlay specific clothes on their photos to check if they match well. It is not limited to a single outfit, as users can also match different items together.

The innovative technology can help with purchasing decisions as it allows users to see how clothes will fit depending on their body type.

Previously, NHN Cloud provided image search-based artificial intelligence (AI) fashion services to a string of shopping platforms, including FashionGo and Brandi.

When users upload images of fashion items to the website, the AI director searches and identifies the categories of the items shown in the image, including tops and bottoms clothes, hats, shoes and bags.

The information of each category is converted into image specific vectors such as type, color, pattern and design and similar item images are searched through comparison of such vectors.

At present, AI fashion can identify 17 different types of clothes including coats, jackets and pants, plus 19 different types of accessories, including bags, shoes, watches and hats.


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