The gallery is set to present art that exist both in the virtual and physical worlds.

Titled “p a r a / / e l,” Galeria Paloma’s collection aims to explore “The parallelism of emerging realities … and the dual creative ‘minds’ of man and machine.”

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While physical works of art will also be displayed, the digital artworks will be a part of a parallel exhibition at Ninfa Labs in Milan, Italy.

“We believe regardless of how digitalized the world has become, there’s still a significant need for human interaction. It’s crucial to be able to offer a space for traditional collectors who are curious to learn about this new digital world,” Ninfa Labs said in a statement.

Collectors of each art work in this exhibit will own both the physical and digital forms of the pieces, This includes the NFT (non-fungible token) as well.

For the first time, @skyenicolas’ Walkman readymade will be paired with an NFT at ‘p a r a / / e l’, the gallery’s exhibition at @artfairph. ‘Don’t You Worry About the Situation’ contemplates the different representations of reality and can be traced back to…

— Galeria Paloma (@galeria_paloma) February 13, 2023

Participating Artists

Artists who will be participating in Galeria Paloma’s exhibit include Skye Nicolas, Luis Buenaventura, Bjorn Calleja, Jopet Arias, The Alarcon Brothers, Carlos, Wyn-Lyn Tan, Raymond Lauchengco, AJ Dimarucot, Aswang, Sevi Agregado, Isaiah Cacnio, and Sheila Ledesma.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, post-conceptual artist Skye Nicolas described his works as colored by “Nostalgia and our love for an idealized past.”

He makes use of analog objects such as cassette tapes and Walkmans to portray the parallel between the past and the present digital age.

Luis Buenaventura’s two artworks for ‘Parallel’ show his trademark engagement with current technological advances (which, in the past, have included commentary of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency); in ‘Handmade-01’ and ‘Handmade-02,’ his thesis places on center stage…

— Galeria Paloma (@galeria_paloma) February 16, 2023

Luis Buenaventura’s piece titled “Handmade” is a commentary on AI’s (artificial intelligence) capabilities and limitations with regards to replacing humans in the creation of art. 

As part of a running joke in the art world, his works are full of hands he drew himself. This suggests the inability of AI to portray the body part as compared to a “human” artist.

The youngest artist in Galeria Paloma’s exhibit is 10-year-old child prodigy Sevi Agregado. His works were already minted as NFTs while he was still in first grade.

Galeria Paloma described his work as a “colorful, energetic perspective of the natural world.” His paintings for this exhibit feature an augmented reality layer which is viewable through the Artivive app.

Considered the first Filipino NFT child artist, Sevi Agregado minted his first works while still in 1st grade. Diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, he began art therapy at five which helped him overcome its challenges. His talent has taken him on a journey beyond the personal…

— Galeria Paloma (@galeria_paloma) February 10, 2023

Each artist will be presenting their commentaries and contemplations on the phygital (physical and digital) world.

Galeria Paloma’s exhibit will be held at Booth 27-A at The Link in Makati from February 17 to 19, 2023.

Banner image via Twitter @galeria_paloma.




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