Days after Wednesday dropped its last episode of season 1 on Netflix, the streaming giant has confirmed that the Jenna Ortega starrer hit series has been renewed for a second one. On 6 January, show creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar made the announcement while speaking to Netflix Tudum.

And why wouldn’t it be? Within a week of its release, the Addams Family spin-off managed to garner 341.23 million viewing hours and surpassed the records set by Stranger Things to become the highest-watched English series in that period.

If you are looking for updates for yet another season at Jericho, we’ve got you covered.

Here are all the details about Wednesday season 2

The confirmation news

Open social media or dig into recent media reports, and you will find ample evidence of this news.

In an interview with Netflix, Gough and Millar said, “We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the kooky, spooky world of Nevermore. We just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t emptied the pool first.”

“It’s been incredible to create a show that’s connected with people across the world. We’re thrilled to continue Wednesday’s torturous journey into Season 2,” they added.

Interestingly, a recent Deadline report stated that Netflix had long wanted to renew the show for season 2 in the new year, as they were on the lookout for new scribes and hunting for filming locations. And now, it is happening.

The news for yet another season of woeful torture is also accompanied by a video where Wednesday herself thanks viewers for their support as she has been “hunted,” “haunted” and “mimicked millions of times across the internet.” While it has been “pure torture,” Wednesday wishes she “cared a little more.”

More torture is coming. Lucky you.

— Wednesday Addams (@wednesdayaddams) January 6, 2023

[Spoilers ahead!]

Who all return to season 2?

While viewers can expect Ortega to reprise the titular character in the upcoming season, the rest of the Addams Family — with Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams and Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams and Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester — are also likely to return for the next season.

At the end of season 1, most of the characters made it out alive. Although there is no official announcement of which characters would surely return, many of them are expected to feature in season 2.

These include Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White), Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) and Sheriff Donovan Galpin (Jamie McShane). Gwendoline Christie, who plays Principal Larissa Weems, might have met with a tragic end, but she hinted at a return while speaking to Digital Spy.

Coming to the villains, Tyler Galpin is expected to make a comeback, as his final scenes in season 1 might have just indicated his escape. However, former house mother Marilyn Thornhill might have a cameo as she is held captive.

What to expect in season 2?

Wednesday season 2
Image credit: Wednesday/© 2022 Netflix, Inc./ IMDb

Over the first eight episodes of season 1, the mysteries of the series were revealed as Wednesday figured Marilyn and Tyler were behind all the horrendous deaths at Jericho. With other subplots also running parallelly, the first ended with two major open ends — one, Tyler has escaped; second, a sinister stalker is following Wednesday.

While an official season 2 synopsis is yet to be released, it is expected that it will focus on Wednesday’s growth as a character and include other adventures.

Speaking to TVLine, Gough said, “The series is really about a girl who sees the world in black and white, and learning there are shades of gray.” He further added, “I think like any relationship or any friendship, it can get complicated by other factors. It’s never going to be smooth sailing. And it’s really her learning to navigate the ups and downs of friendship.”

Wednesday season 2 release date

The show creators have not yet made any announcements regarding a release date. However, hawk-eyed fans have some really good guesswork going on.

Shooting for season 1 started in September 2021, was wrapped up around March 2022, and it hit the TV screens after nearly eight months in November 2022. Hence, if such a timeline is to be trusted, the second season can be expected to release not before mid-2024.

(Main and feature image credit: Wednesday/ IMDb)



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