Teaching is the career which most Thai youth say they would like to pursue, according an opinion survey, jointly conducted by the Thai Ministry of Culture and Suan Dusit Poll of Suan Dusit University, to mark national Children’s Day 2023.

The pollsters gauged the opinions of 7,439 young people, including 3,425 males, 4,014 males, of various education levels across the country.

The poll shows 14.85% of the respondents say they want to become teachers or lecturers, 12.26 want to become doctors or nurses, 11.53% say they want to be businesspeople, 11.24% say they want to be in police or military service and 0.57% say they want to become YouTubers.

On what children expect on Children’s Day, 31% say they expect money or scholarships, 25.21% say they expect toys or dolls and 15.15% say they expect food or sweets.

Asked what they think about on Children’s Day, 22.23% say Children’s Day slogans, 17.52% say gifts, 17.44% say going out with their family, 13.81% say games and other activities and 7.26% say tourist destinations.

Regarding preferred venues for Children’s Day celebrations, 49.79% say schools, 38.07% say government premises, 36.71% say zoos or amusement parks, 27.03% say museums and 15.85% say stadia.

Asked what activities should be promoted on Children’s Day, 57.99% say activities that promote morals and ethics, 57.32% say educational activities and 50.02% say activities that promote family relationships.

Asked how they expect to benefit from participating in the activities, 57.80% say promotion of creativity, 51.49% say they expect to be more disciplined and responsible and 49.05% say gaining new experiences.

Asked about the most urgent problems to be addressed, 25.54% say illegal narcotics, 24.32% say education and 22.24% say violence.

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