Most patients infected by Delta variant in Udon Thani recover

Twelve of the 17 people in Thailand’s northeastern province of Udon Thani, who were found to be infected with the Delta, or Indian variant of COVID-19, have fully recovered and returned home, said Mr. Uthen Hakaew, deputy chief of the Udon Thani provincial health office, today (Wednesday).

Five are still being treated in hospitals, with two elderly patients on ventilators, two others being given oxygen and the fifth expected to be discharged tomorrow.

Those who were in close contact with the infected have been placed in 14-day quarantine, said Mr. Uthen, adding that provincial health officials are confident that the Delta variant infections are under control, as he urged members of the public not to panic.

He assured that there have been no new Delta variant infections since 10 cases of the Delta variant were found in a group of people participating in a celebration in Muang district on May 12th.

Delta variant infections in the province were linked to four construction workers at a Laksi construction site in Bangkok, who went home to Udon Thani after the closure of their housing camp in May. Three others were thought to have contracted the variant from the families of the returnees from Bangkok.

Mr. Uthen also said that there have been no new COVID-19 cases in the province in the past two days.


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