A traveller has shared the horrifying moment a monster three-metre-long snake was spotted in her hotel swimming pool.

The British musician and TikToker, who documents her travels under the screen name Elisabeth Elektra, was holidaying in Thailand when she discovered the beast.

In the one-minute video, which has been viewed more than 300,000 times, the huge snake can be seen slithering in the waters of the hotel’s neon-lit swimming pool, as its evening dip is interrupted by hotel staff.

“I’m on holiday in Thailand and there is a 12 foot (3.6m) snake in the swimming pool,” the on-screen text reads.

Thailand is home to some of the world’s largest and deadliest snakes, including the massive reticulated python, which measures more than six metres, and the world’s longest venomous snake, the king cobra.

The reticulated python can swim, and is sometimes found in the open ocean. The country’s sea snakes are highly venomous, though don’t usually attack humans.

Staff can be seen using pool cleaners to retrieve the huge snake, which lashes back when they touch it.

“The hotel staff moved it to safety, one of them stroked its head as they took it away to reassure it,” the Tiktoker wrote.

Some viewers, however, were less friendly towards the unexpected guest.

“My list of countries to visit keeps getting shorter,” one commented.

Another poked fun at the hotel staff’s attempt to move it, asking, “What on earth is that little net meant to do.”

“The snake is also on vacation,” another joked.

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