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W Maldives and one-Michelin star Haoma’s collaboration from February 20 to 22, was a hit as guests enjoyed unique culinary experiences at the heart-shaped island paradise. The partnership, which featured the coming together of Chef Deepanker “DK” Khosla, and the chefs at W Maldives, consisted of two events – a showcase dinner, and a beachside grill-themed lunch, both featuring sustainable and locally sourced produce.

The sell-out showcase dinner which was held at FISH, W Maldives’ signature overwater dining venue, where guests were generously treated to an exclusive seven-course tasting menu that highlighted Haoma’s most memorable dishes. Meanwhile, the beachside grill-themed lunch featured an interactive culinary experience where guests could pick their proteins to grill, interact with the chefs, and sip on refreshing cocktails through the afternoon till sundown.

The event was a success as guests had the opportunity to indulge in Haoma’s award-winning cuisine in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The menu also included vegan-friendly choices and Haoma’s signature desserts, and the chefs’ focus on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint was evident in the locally sourced and fresh ingredients used.

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General Manager of W Maldives, Idu Ribeiro, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that the event with Haoma was the perfect way to kick off W Maldives’ culinary offerings for the year while Chef Deepanker “DK” Khosla was thrilled to adapt his restaurant’s concept and collaborate with the chefs at W Maldives, bringing Haoma’s sustainable and local produce-focused experience to the Maldives and stated that it was an experience to remember for him and all the guests.

Overall, the collaboration showcased how W Maldives is the perfect destination for guests looking to indulge in fine-dining experiences whilst enjoying the beauty of the Maldives. 




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