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Government on Tuesday allows developers to increase the built-up area resorts from the existing 30% to 50% of the total land area of the island.

In a circular sent to developing and operating resorts, the ministry said the requirement for minimum beach length per room has also been reduced from 5 metres to 3 metres. Beach length per room will  be considered as 60% of total perimeter of the island in mean tide, it added.

The ministry has also made changes to the maximum structural building height allowed for resort facilities: 

  • The maximum structural height for guest facilities including rooms should be 12 metres 
  • The maximum number of floors allowed for guest facilities is 3 metres including the ground floor
  • The back of the house structures should not exceed a maximum height of 15 metres

The ministry asked developers to to sustain the island’s natural characteristics, specifically vegetation in light of the revisions to the structural height constraints.

“However, resort developers may propose unique structures that add value to the product, where exceptions to the aforementioned structural height restrictions may be brought, in accordance with the ministry’s policies,” the circular read.

 The latest amendment follows a recent set of new regulations, allowing resort developers to extend the designated boundary of resorts from 500 to 1,000 metres. 




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