With the success of their newest show, ‘The Last Of Us’ HBO now has four current original series with millions of viewers tuning in for each episode.

It’s no secret that HBO hit a slump the past few years ever since one of their most popular shows, Game Of Thrones, ended.

In 2020, the network’s overall viewership declined by 38% after losing over half of its viewers ages 18 to 24.

However, the hit series’ spin-off, House Of The Dragon, was able to pull an average of 29 million viewers during its first season.

Other successful shows include Euphoria, which averaged 19.5 million viewers in its second season. The White Lotus’ second season also had an average of 15.5 million viewers.

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The newest series that was welcomed with this much success is the highly anticipated The Last Of Us. The show is a live-action adaptation of the popular video game. After premiering on January 15 this year, the first two episodes have already averaged 21.3 million viewers.

This marks it as HBO’s second-largest debut in more than a decade, just behind House Of The Dragon which brought in nearly 10 million viewers when its first episode debuted.

The first episode of The Last Of Us drew in 4.7 million viewers on its premiere night. The series was also a trending topic across all social media globally.

According to the network, Sunday night premieres usually only represent 20% to 40% of a show’s total viewership per episode. This means the audience for The Last Of Us is projected to keep growing as the season continues.

HBO Max viewership just increased 18.1% in December 2022. It looks like the network can expect an upward trend in the next few months.

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