Tucked away in idyllic private island in the Caribbean, the palatial villa has three pools, a tennis court and an unbounded view of the ocean.

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Image: Knight Frank

The cosy, idyllic private island of Mustique in the Caribbean can only accommodate around 100 homes — across 1,400 acres — and a particular property has stood out with its staggering value. Knight Frank has listed the palatial villa — known as The Terraces — for a grand price of $200 million. Unsurprisingly, the property is the most expensive one to ever be listed in the open market on not only Mustique, but across the entire Caribbean region too.

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Image: Knight Frank

Upon closer look, the lavish home definitely commands its worth in the hefty price tag. Boasting nine bedrooms with several accompanying wraparound verandas and huge en-suite bathrooms across the 17-acre property, the estate is designed in a blend of Palladium and Venetian styles that reflect the opulence of 16th century Italian palaces.

Adding onto the splendour, the property is fitted with extravagant loggias, and is decorated with hand-painted ceilings and murals alongside luxurious furniture and classic screens, as seen on the listing. The list of features continues with two pools, a tennis court, a separate entertainment building and a four-bedroom guest villa that has the third pool.

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Image: Knight Frank

Then comes the most salient selling point of The Terraces — its grounds atop the hilltop affords unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands.

$200 million for a forever-home in perpetual paradise sounds like heaven on earth.

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