lotte-p&d offers-technical-training-to-vietnamese-employees
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Officials of Lotte P&D Vietnam pose for a photo, along with officials of Lotte P&D, at Lotte World Tower in Seoul on Feb. 20.

Lotte Property & Development (P&D) announced on Feb. 20 that it has invited 10 officials of Lotte P&D Vietnam, the company’s subsidiary in Vietnam, to Lotte World Tower in Seoul for a five-day training from Feb. 20-24.

This program is designed to share Lotte World Tower Mall’s expertise and operational know-how with the Vietnamese employees, who have more than 10 years of experience in architecture, machinery, electricity, and firefighting.

Lotte P&D established Lotte P&D Vietnam in 2022 to advance into the real estate management business in Vietnam based on its expertise accumulated in Korea. The company is also in charge of running Lotte Center Hanoi, a landmark in Vietnam that includes offices, a 5-star hotel, Lotte Department Store, serviced residences, the Evian Spa, the Lotte Mart, restaurants and an observation deck.

Lotte P&D employees will team up with the Vietnamese employees to conduct technical training at Lotte World Tower and Mall. They plan to receive training on technology and operation at major facility sites such as various mechanical facilities such as the Energy Center, the Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Center, and safety shelters in the tower and mall.



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