PepsiCo has launched a new campaign for Lifewtr featuring a behind-the-scenes look at what fulfills basketball superstar LeBron James’ life. 

As part of an ongoing partnership with James, Lifewtr revealed its More to Life campaign created in collaboration with VaynerMedia, on Thursday. The video takes a peek at the parts of James’ life that fulfill him off the court, such as his family, community, love for music and the arts and being physically active. 

The campaign kicks off with a 30-second spot in which James asserts there is more to his life than basketball, followed by B-roll and cameos of his children, his wife, his interests and the school he opened in 2019, The I Promise School in Akron, Ohio.

It aims to show viewers who he is outside of his athletic career and encourage those who follow him to focus on the things that enrich their lives as well, said Justin Toman, head of sports marketing at PepsiCo.

In addition to the spot, Lifewtr and James, will give away more than $100,000 in funds to people who want to explore what enriches their lives, whether it be education, a philanthropic program, an entrepreneurship venture, a mental health service or a creative project.

To apply, viewers can go to the Lifewtr website to fill out a form explaining what they want to use the grant for and how it will benefit them to be considered. PepsiCo will then distribute the funds in batches to groups of people on a rolling basis.

“[We want] to award dollars to people who are inspired to to do more creative [things] and tap into passion around the community,” Toman said. “[We want] to help them accomplish more.”




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