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An LG Tromm washing machine (model name: LG WM3900HWA)

Following 2022, LG Electronics took top spots in major categories of this year’s washer evaluation by Consumer Reports, a representative consumer media outlet in the United States.

Consumer Reports recently announced the results of its evaluation on washing machines in 2023. The results selected LG Electronics washers in major categories such as drum washers, top loading washers and agitator washers.

Consumer Reports evaluates and ranks various products including home appliances sold in the United States based on surveys of consumers who actually use them and strict tests. The washing machine evaluation examines washers in terms of predictive reliability that evaluates cleaning power and durability and the result of a survey of consumers who actual owns evaluated products.

During this survey, LG Electronics took first to third place in drum washer standings. Drum washers belong to a premium product category. In addition, in the top loader category, LG washer models took home all the two best product titles. The Korean tech giant also swept high rankings in the category of agitator washers, which are a low-end product, taking all the three highest rankings. These three types of washing machines account for 90 percent of the US washer market and divide the market into three big pieces.

In particular, Consumer Reports noted that the LG Tromm washing machine (model: LG WM3900HWA), which ranked first in the drum washing machine category, received the highest evaluation grade among the evaluated drum washing machines. This product has been recognized for its strong washing power as an Energy Star certified product, and also received high points in terms of water and energy efficiency. Energy Star is given to products with the best performances in the environment and energy fields. They have been announced annually by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 1993.

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