Italian company Grottini has announced its intention to feature at this year’s EuroShop23 expo in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Grottini is a leading Italian company for retail and general contracting. Located in the northeast coastal town of Porto Recanati, in the province of Macerata, Italy. The company started off as a local retailer forty-seven years ago and has since become a driving force of retail design on the global stage.

The biggest retail trade fair, EuroShop23 will be comprised of more than 2,300 exhibiting companies to showcase their products, ideas, and innovations. The exposition is said to attract more than 94,000 attendants this year and is only held every three years. The last time this event was held was just before the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Grottini CEO, Francesco Grottini said that the company aims to provide a new co-creative, technological, and sustainable era at EuroShop 2023.

The company’s chief strategic design officer, James Damian corroborates the company’s main principles of design, with a focus on meeting the requirements of the client’s unmet needs.

“Design Thinking is a human-centric approach to solving complex problems by challenging the assumptions of the status quo. This method requires a multi-disciplinary approach in a collaborative environment where all ideas are welcomed. Design must deliver an immersive experience that deploys the five senses, to do what online cannot.”

Grottini has recently finished a project for the annual Milan fashion week, creating an urban jungle installation for Vans, on which they collaborated with artist Sarah Edith.  They have also just finished designing a naval product with Chantiers de l’Atlantique on the MSC World Europa, the world’s most environmentally high-performing cruise ship to date.

At EuroShop23, Grottini plans to unveil its brand philosophy, a combination of co-creation, technology, sustainability, and human-centric design. EuroShop23 is open from the 26th of February for a week.




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