Sylvia Shawcross

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In the ghastly world where the mooing herds furiously and fulsomely flatulate in the forever future fields of Blackrock the murmurs of discontent are rippling and snippling and whippling at the breakfast trough.

Although well aware of their role of “do and die and not to question why” some rogue bovines are unsettling the herds with their speculations. In fact, although tempted to label as such, they’re not really rebels and rogues (who have already headed for the forests long ago), but are ones just slightly ahead of the remaining mooing herds in seeing things.

Because it’s “their” turn now, right?

That’s the whole thing about the agenda They have planned. Whoever They are. It’s about division, fear and confusion. And having very successfully created huge divides between political and social bodies, and tormenting one side of the narrative they will do the switch. That’s the fun for Them.

They love this—Them that play such games to find an end that justifies any and all means: and the end is in this case division, fear and confusion. Because this is the state of the world They need in order to introduce their custom-made solutions.

So now, everything They told us will be exposed as false on MSM. It is not a matter of “ohhhh… they’ve been found out….” No. It’s more a matter of, “okay, let’s switch the game now and confuse and torment the other side of the divide.” And everyone who believed Them all along by believing MSM will be in division, fear and confusion just like the people who “couldn’t” believe MSM were before this.

They’re being allowed to know now. Is it because of Twitter and Tucker? Who knows really. Most of us would like to believe it is because of all the hard work and sacrifice people have made to expose the truth. We want to stick with that.

Nevertheless, it “could” be that if we know something, it is certainly because we’re “allowed” to know it now in the MSM. We’re all allowed to be preoccupied with it so by the time reality really sinks in, well… the agenda will be well under way and the fields of Blackrock will grow small and lean for the mooing herds and on Mount Davos, the Gods will be smiling with their caviar and wine in lush and fertile grounds and chuckling in their certitude.

They will have saved the world for themselves and the wine never tasted sweeter and the distant sounds of the mooing herds never more safely far away.

But never mind all that because who the hell really knows! It was just a stray paranoid thought in my peripheral vision that I will now promptly ignore as being ridiculous. Surely it is ridiculous? That would require some feat of cooperation by sociopathic psychopaths and hardly seems credible. Let’s just forget that was even said shall we?

Anyway, the question of the day, in honour of World Woman’s Day just recently passed, is why are we in a nuclear showdown when women are supposedly running the world now? Weren’t They all saying that if only women ran the world it would a loving, peaceful place where nurture and care and compassion and sharing and cooperation and equity would rule? Wasn’t that what we were told? Wasn’t that true? We believed them!

So why are all these powerful women standing up for war? Do you mean to tell me that women might actually not “all” want a loving peaceful world? But that’s our whole belief system!

So why are the children dying in wars around the world? Is it because They are letting these loving peaceful women think they are running the world but in fact the patriarchal military industrial complex and the banksters are actually running the world?

Where were the peacekeepers? Where?!

Why weren’t all our members of parliament standing up and clapping for the peacekeepers instead of the ones who wanted war?

I just want to know why we’re not allowed to know who is running the world? Being citizens of the world it would be a polite thing to let us know. So we can send birthday cards and stuff…I have one all ready for Bill Gates but I’m not sure if I should send it to him or to the chip in his brain. Are they the same thing?

Here’s an earworm:

No wait: This one maybe:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Sylvia Shawcross lives in Canada. Did you like that first sentence? I’m thinking of competing in the world’s worst first sentence competition. Please don’t leave your thoughts on this below. I’m fragile today.


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