Ikea has rolled out a campaign to showcase how its products Kallax and Trofast aim to help consumers solve their space management issues.

The first film showcases a couple organising a large shelf with books, storing various showpieces and later guiding their children to the precise location of the objects by stating the shelf number while relaxing on the sofa. 

The second film features the bond between two brothers who challenge each other in finding their personal belongings as fast as they can. The brothers, effortlessly, find their belongings because it is placed tidily in their room. The films aim to highlight how Ikea can help in organisation by providing innovative storage solutions.

Anna Ohlin, country marketing manager, Ikea India, said, “Our recently released Life at Home report findings helped us realise that amongst the major problems that families in India face are clutter issues and space management. Considering this, we are focusing on helping people tackle these issues and have organised, clutter-free homes with our products.”

“We all want to live in a home that feels organised and clutter free, and we are here to build a deep, emotional connect between our customers and their homes. Through this campaign, we want to highlight our innovative and affordable storage and organisation solutions, to help families take charge of their spaces and create homes that are both functional and affordable.”




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