Keanu Reeves accidentally “cut a gentleman’s head open” while making John Wick: Chapter 4.

The 58-year-old actor, who reprised his role as the titular character in the action thriller, admitted things did not always go according to plan during filming, with another person on set hospitalised after being hit by a car.

Speaking to, he said, “Well I mean everyone is pretty tired – but it’s the best kind of tired. It’s like you climbed a mountain now you’re resting; like you finished the game and you won.

“So in terms of accidents: I made a mistake once – I cut a gentleman’s head open. So that really f****** sucked – excuse my language.

“But other than that – oh, one guy got hit by a car. He was in the car, so he had to go to the hospital, but he was okay.”

But Keanu praised the close-knit set because everyone looks out for each other and he insisted no one was “harmed” while making the film.

He said, “All of this to say: That you do have to take care.

“But it’s great that everyone [on set] is watching out for each other.

“So there’s some bruising and aches and pains, but, ‘No humans were harmed in the filming of this motion picture!'”

The Canadian star recently praised the work that went into coordinating a fight scene in the middle of a party in a nightclub.

He told entertainment website Collider: “Well, you’re dealing with space and also you’re dealing on the strength of the people who are in the background in the sense of committing to it.

“Like, they had to keep dancing or be in the moment and kind of just ignore that fight scene that’s going on around you and in front of you.

“So that kind of cooperation, keeping the moment alive, and feeling authentic. So it’s really just practice, run-throughs, people getting used to the action around them.”

John Wick: Chapter 4 is now showing in cinemas in Singapore.

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