How to Dress Like Your Favourite ‘Russian Doll’ Character

How do time travellers dress? No, not in oversized bomber jackets and baggy jeans, neither do they wear metal bikinis and leather boots. According to the cult series Russian Doll, one needs an impressive arsenal of golden jewellery and long coats.

To celebrate the premiere of the popular show’s second season, we created a guide on how to dress like your favourite time-travelling Hungarian-Russian-Jewish redhead and her friends. 


Image courtesy of Netflix

Nadia Vulvokov is the show’s protagonist, played by Natasha Lyonne and a cigarette, and is meant to be the personification of New York itself. So far, it tracks. Complicated, multi-cultural heritage, impeccable sense of style and chic nicotine addiction are among those things that could earn one the right of being called the true New Yorker. In the second season of Russian Doll, Nadia discovers in herself an ability to travel back in time via the 6622 train. She visits the 80s, 60s and even 40s at some point, possessing the bodies and minds of her family members, all while looking like a groupie of a cool punk band and sounding like an angel, if angels spoke with the voice of young Robert De Niro. Here’s what you will need to get that signature Vulvokov junior look:

Rixo Blouse

Amiri Blazer

Balmain Coat

Philipp Plein Jeans

AMI Paris Boots

Versace Necklace

Prada Sunglasses


Image courtesy of Netflix

In the second season of Russian Doll, we have a chance to glimpse into the life of Lenora Volvokov – Nadia’s mother – portrayed by brilliant Chloë Sevigny. Nora is a typical troubled child who finds herself in a questionable company of a con man, who convinces her to steal her mother’s Krugerrands. On the screen, we see Nora as a bohemian rebel spirit struggling with mental issues and trying to earn her mother’s love, all while being pregnant with Nadia. Her look in the show could rival some of Rihanna’s pregnancy fashion, if we do say so ourselves:

Yves Solomon Coat

Gucci Dress

Falke Tights


Image courtesy of Netflix

When I found out that Annie Murphy will be joining the cast of Russian Doll, I screamed at the top of my lungs and started crying. Murphy as young Ruth Brenner, Nora’s dear friend and Nadia’s motherly figure, is a walking homage to the Manhattan intelligentsia of the 80s – a fascinating character whose hunger for life is polished with a tint of perpetual grief. In the show, she helps Nora ‘fix’ some of her past misdeeds by selling the engagement ring given to her by her dead husband. If you have always wanted to look like a PhD student in the 1980s, you are welcome:

Alice + Olivia Dress

Claudie Pierlot Belt

TheOpen Product Coat

Loewe Sunglasses

Balenciaga Earrings

Tank Louis Cartier Watch

Gianvito Rossi Ballet Flats


Image courtesy of Netflix

The concept of a queer sidekick is laughable in 2022, however, a sexually-fluid supporting character with agency and her own storyline can make any plot more vibrant and engaging. That character in Russian Doll is Maxine, brought to the screen by no other than Greta Lee. She is Nadia’s best friend and precisely the person who organized the cursed birthday party that made Volvokov stuck in a time loop in season 1. This time around, Maxine helps her quantum-leaping friend uncover some of her grandmother’s secrets all the way in Hungary. And here is what it takes to achieve that quintessential Maxine look: 

Thom Browne Top

JOSEPH Slip Dress

Missoma Necklace

Vintage Hermès Necklace

Goossens Ring

Saint Laurent Ring

Anita Ko Ring


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