Proving to be a truly modern take on modular living, the Nokken by Aylott is a game changer in the rapidly expanding modular cabin market, catering to all hospitality operators.

With new understanding of the changing world of hospitality, owners Aylott and Van Tromp incorporate the fact that great location and design play into the guest experience and satisfaction.

Co-founder, Nathan Aylott says that there is a gap in the market for the Nokken.

“We believe this makes Nokken a fully rounded response to what operators actually need today, and what sets it apart from all other offerings currently on the market.”

With the idea of making every experience different to the last, the Nokken’s adaptability to location and climate are one of the biggest assets it holds. With a simple architectural design, and the ability to be connected and customised, there are endless possibilities to the way the Nokken could be purposed.

The concept of the product allows it to be plugged in and powered through a socket, making it versatile in regard to its climate and location.

This new way of accommodation has been designed with the highest grade of thermal performance, using tough, functional and adaptable exterior materials, giving it the ability to perform in both freezing  or boiling temperatures.

Having invested months of research into getting the right product, Aylott has designed the Nokken as a solution to the way the hospitality industry could operate in the future.

“Nokken is a whole ecosystem, helping business bloom within the burgeoning retreat sector of the hospitality industry: whether a single unit acting as work-life hybrid, or a whole village community focused around hospitality or well being, the Nokken cabin platform creates the possibility to provide a relaxed place to live, work and socialise with like-minded people while getting connected with nature.”

Inspired by the outdoors, the Nokken is a reinforced sense of escapism and a greater connection to the landscape. With wooden walls surrounding the interior, there is an overall feeling of being soft and welcoming, while maintaining all the features needed for comfort.

“Nokken cabins are ‘Swiss army knives’,” says fellow co-founder James Van Tromp, “combining everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

As a sustainable, eco-focused, and premium product, the Nokken is a fresh approach to modular accommodation, providing efficiency and a cost-effective difference.



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