Leading producer of hotel amenities, Groupe GM, is relaunching its Occean hotel line in support of its “Care About Earth” programme.

Based on active marine principles, the line of cosmetic products feature products rich in toning and vitalising effects, thanks to its use of natural ingredients, like marine oligo-elements and the marine algae Laminaria Digitata.

The new Occean product range aims to provide users with a rejuvenating and refreshing experience, while reducing its impact on the environment. The line is compliant with the “Care About Earth” programme, an initiative that aims to reduce the impact of its products on the environment by prioritising the use of plant-based materials, recycled plastics and renewable raw materials.

Occean’s Vitality shampoo, cleaning gel, conditioning shampoo and gentle body milk are packaged in 40 ml bottles made from recycled plastic. The Vitality shampoo and cleaning gel are also available in Ecopump, a 300ml dispenser made from recycled plastic and sealed bio-resin pumps.

Groupe GM hopes that its Occean product range can offer hoteliers sustainable options, helping them to make a transition to eco-friendly practices.

“Producing high-quality hospitality lines for our clients and partners around the world has always been paramount to us. We understand the increasing need for eco-friendly products and creating packaging that is not harmful to the environment,” commented President of Groupe GM, Laurent Marchand.

“The new Occean range embodies our commitments to excellence and customer care at Groupe Gm and we will continue our efforts to ensure we contribute to a cleaner environment.”




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