CNY Girl Design 2

Complete your CNY outfit with one of Limitless’ face masks! Limitless is a non-profit organization founded to help youths build hope and find worth, and provide them the opportunity to live out their potential. Limitless is releasing THREE different, limited edition designs to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Their masks are 3PLY, made with silkscreen printing. The outer fabric is 100% polyester water repellent fabric, and the internal filter includes a BFE8595% non-woven filter fabric, allowing you to change it out when necessary. The inner layer is 100% polyester micro pk. The masks are breathable, washable, and sustainable, and their straps are adjustable for a better fit.

Each mask is named and designed with positivity in mind, hoping to always provide for the youths at risk in Singapore. The first design is named Hope, and the second is named Worth, and third is Destiny.

Each mask is available for purchase at S$13 each, and are bundled at S$22 for a pair, S$30 for a set of 3, and S$38 for a set of 4. The masks are available for purchase on Limitless’ website at

Every dollar earned from sale of their masks goes towards providing youths with free mental health therapy! Celebrate this Chinese New Year and giving others a chance.