There is something luxurious about walking into a space that you frequent, whether that be a lunch spot or an after hours cocktail bar, and being known.

You make small talk with the staff and enjoy social chit chat. Some days, you give a little life update. It’s an experience everyone deserves to have access to: dining at a place where everyone knows your name and your usual order, and where they also know you. 

People are discovering what it means to elevate the dining experience into the dreamscape that it could be. Just a short drive away from Forbes Town, Megaworld’s Uptown Bonifacio sits proudly with its selection of dining options. Restaurants are clustered together, making it effortless for the neighborhood person to become a restaurant regular in no time. Below, we handpicked eight places you should consider having on your repertoire.

Las Flores

The Spanish tapas bar combines sleek dome pendant lights with tasseled floor lamps that are reminiscent of old lighting fixtures from your grandma’s house. In similar fashion, Las Flores’ tapas, paellas, and cocktails take the guest on a historical trip as it presents soulful yet contemporary Spanish dishes like specialty tapas Conos de Tartar de Salmon and Pulpo a la Gallega.

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Las Flores is located at GF Uptown Ritz. For reservations and inquiries, contact (+63) 9054805880.


For those looking for a culinary adventure, Alegria offers a 16-course degustation of what Chef Charles Montañez describes as transcultural cuisine. One of the three main courses, Squid Silog, features dried squid to substitute garlic bits and egg yolk à la confit for a jammy but runny texture. Taking things up a notch after the South American- and Asian-inspired fare, set aside empty plates for a shot or two of tequila.

Alegria is located at GF Uptown Parade. For reservations and inquiries, email [email protected].

Salt and Ice

Take a sip of one exquisitely crafted cocktail a week in this craft cocktail bar. Bringing the art of slow living to frenzied city dwellers is Salt and Ice, a passion project of John-Michael Hilton. This is a place where the neighborhood goes to find sustenance, whether it is in the form of oysters sourced directly from Aklan or their wide selection of bar bites, tapas, pasta, pizza, among other international dishes.

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Salt and Ice is located at GF Uptown Parade. For reservations and inquiries, contact (+63) 9691414688.

Ambrosia Manila

Seated at a dim bar on a cushioned stool, it’s impossible not to find yourself talking to new people like you’ve known them for years. Call it a week alone or with colleagues at Ambrosia Manila, where comfort food and booze alike are bountiful. Their Oyster Rockefeller, dinner entrees, and cocktails offerings are best paired with live music from Manila’s finest performers and DJs.

Ambrosia Manila is located at 2F Uptown Parade. For reservations and inquiries, contact (+63) 9605134430.


In Spain, grandmothers would typically say, ”Tienes más hambre que un perro chiko,” which in English means “Eat like you’re a hungry dog.” You’ll definitely dig in one of their bestselling dishes, Ensalada De Queso De Cabra, made with pan seared goat cheese and strawberry vinaigrette. Meanwhile, their glazed Atlantic salmon with cauliflower purée and toasted peanuts makes a sumptuous starter.

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Perrochiko is located at GF Uptown Parade. For reservations and inquiries, contact (+63) 9166603947.


This modern Italian restaurant is for those who rely on a hearty serving to get through the day. Cibo offers a range of authentic and traditional dishes like antipasti, zuppe, insalate, paste, pizze, secondi piatti, dolci, and bevande. Make it your go-to lunch spot; nothing is more luxurious than finding a ritual that makes you feel so.

Cibo is located at GF Uptown Mall. For reservations and inquiries, contact (+63) 9190832426.

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is an alchemical experiment with classic Italian favorites and innovative cooking. At the forefront of their menu is the Mortadella Pistachio Pizza, which makes use of the sweet nuttiness of pistachios to heighten the flavors of Mortadella sausage. Catered to a younger crowd, the place boasts an extensive bar area toward the back and an al fresco section right in front of the Uptown Mall fountain.

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Mamma Mia is located at GF Uptown Mall. For reservations and inquiries, contact 8541-8933.


Suppose you decide on a Monday morning that you want to ease into the week with a delicious pastry. Wildflour is your best choice. Rich in butter and baked fresh in-house, Wildflour’s local take on the classic breton cake is topped with delicious ube cream. But look beyond their bread offerings; this bistro also has a vast selection of savory dishes. Crowd favorites include their Kimchi Fried Rice, Lasagna Bolognese, Chicken Avocado Sandwich, and Whole Organic Chicken.

Wildflour is located at GF Uptown Ritz. For reservations and inquiries, contact 8365-3872.

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