A floating café and restaurant sank in rough seas in Pattaya Bay yesterday (Monday), but there were no injuries or deaths.

Eyewitnesses on the beach near the Bali Hai pier said they saw the floating restaurant, which was about a kilometre from the beach, slowly sink into the water.

Marine officials suspect that the bilge pump on the vessel might not have been working, causing it to sink slowly. No oil spill has been reported

A Marine Department patrol boat rushed to help the mechanic pump water out, but could not land on the vessel due to the rough seas. Marine officials then ordered the men on board to abandon the vessel for their safety.

The floating café and restaurant, modelled after a pirate ship, suspended operations yesterday due to bad weather conditions. It offers drinks, seafood, a live band and squid fishing services to tourists.  There are also karaoke rooms on board. Customers who catch squid can order the cooks on board to prepare a squid dish for them.

The Marine Department has ordered the owner of the vessel to install a buoy at the spot where it sank, which is easily visible during the day and at night, to warn other vessels.

The owner was also ordered to see marine officials in Pattaya and to produce all the documents from the floating café and restaurant for examination.



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