The first female-focused hotel label launches in the U.K. ahead of International Women’s Day. The travel technology start-up SHe Travel Club is the only label to grade hotels by their efforts to meet the needs of women travellers. This was after a study revealed that 90 percent of female travellers weren’t getting what they wanted from hotel stays.

“My job as an ambassador took me all over the world, and I was always frustrated that the hotels I stayed in didn’t meet some of my basic needs,” detailed Valerie Hoffenberg, Founder and President of SHe Travel Club. “Simple things like supplying sanitary products and having separate shampoo and conditioner, equipping rooms with a full-length mirror and a magnifying mirror, or even just having a bathrobe and slippers to fit a smaller frame, make a huge difference to women and any guest who shares those needs or appreciates the same comforts when they travel.”

As women represent 64 percent of global travellers, SHe Travel Club helps hotels adapt their services and facilities to cater to this customer segment. The label debuts ahead of International Women’s Day and will release its “Best Hotels for Women” awards on 6 March.

With an annual fee to be audited and certified by She Travel Club, hotels are awarded either a silver, gold, or platinum label based on their performance in the four categories: safety, comfort, services and amenities, and dining and entertainment. Each hotel must meet a minimum set of criteria to be certified, which includes providing a SHe Signature Kit on request at check-in containing sanitary products, make-up remover and nail polish remover. 

“But more than that, many women, especially if they are travelling solo or with children, can feel vulnerable in a hotel,” Hoffenberg said. “Training front desk staff to discreetly inform the guest of their room number when they hand the key over, so that it can’t be overheard by others in the lobby; providing rooms with a double lock door and a spy hole; having lit corridors and 24-hour front desk presence help all guests, especially female travellers, feel more secure.”

Hoffenberg explained that they want hotels to drive the social change that will create gender equality in the hospitality industry. The endorsement will help ensure continual safety and comfort for female travellers and employees.

SHe Travel Club aims to launch online training modules for hotels, helping them to identify and fight gender biases within the hotel. The courses include preparing employees to recognise and counsel victims of violent or sexual assaults.




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