It has been reported, in just the last hour, that there had been a major train derailment near Van Buren Township, just outside Detroit, Michigan:

🚨#BREAKING: Multiple authorities are responding to a massive train derailment outside of Detroit ⁰⁰📌#Vanburen | #Michigan
Currently multiple authorities are responding to a massive train derailment in Van Buren Township Michigan. Officials are reporting that only one car in… https://t.co/kb91u41ZeY pic.twitter.com/CPCcehiuB9

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) February 16, 2023

Fox News is reporting that “at least one” of the derailed cars was transporting “hazardous materials”. If that’s true, and it results in some kind of leak or spill, it will be the third such incident in the last two weeks.

On February 3rd a Norfolk Southern train reportedly derailed near East Palestine Ohio, causing a massive explosion and subsequent fire. The governor of Ohio ordered a temporary evacuation of the area so the unburned chemicals leaking out of the destroyed train could be removed and destroyed in a controlled burn. Earlier today, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown called on the governor to enact a State of Emergency over the spill.

Then, just yesterday, a road accident near Tucson Arizona caused another chemical spill. This time the local government shut down the highway and issued “shelter in place” orders to protect people from the chemicals.

…it’s all a bit odd, isn’t it?

It reminds us of this time last year, when it seemed every food processing plant in America was suddenly on fire in the space of ten days, and it raises the same questions.

  • Are there suddenly more accidents than usual?
  • Or are the same number happening they’re just being reported more?
  • Either way…why?
  • Is it just about spreading fear and chaos?
  • Is there an agenda at play?

Hell, in the post-Covid age it behoves us to ask “were there definitely any accidents at all?”

And, of course, you can’t ever completely discount God playing dice with the universe. Coincidences do happen…just not very often.

But what do you guys think?


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