TOP OF THE CHARTS: Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are key industry topics ushering in a new era of responsible marketing and advertising.

Consumers in Singapore want brands to promote DEI in their ads

Source: Integral Ad Science ran an online survey among Singapore consumers to better understand consumer attitudes toward D&I overall and in digital advertising specifically. This study explores why diversity matters in advertising and measures how inclusive messaging affects consumer sentiment, receptivity and purchase behaviour. Furthermore, this report gauges the impact that contextual adjacency has on consumer sentiment and behaviour in relation to brands’ D&I efforts.  

Key findings:

  • More than 90% of advertisers say reducing bias and discrimination in marketing is now a priority 
  • 78% of consumers in Singapore consider diversity and inclusion to be important to them 
  • 74% believe their actions have a significant impact in helping support diversity and inclusion causes 
  • 81% believe that it’s important for brands to promote diversity and inclusion 
  • 65% of consumers say fashion/apparel is the top vertical they expect to play a role in advocating for D&I 
  • 88% of consumers think advertisers/brands should try to place ads around content that promotes diversity 
  • 81% believe that brands have a responsibility to reflect our modern culture 
  • 40% of consumers would interact with or purchase products from ads that are placed alongside content that promotes D&I asia%2fcontent%2fScreenshot+2023 04 06+at+11.41.28+AM

More from this source:

  • 57% of Singapore consumers would be likely to switch from a brand that demonstrates poor diversity and inclusion values, even if they have used that brand for a long time 
  • 47% of Singapore consumers would be likely to boycott a brand that doesn’t take diversity and inclusion seriously 
  • 73% of Singapore consumers believe advertisers approve of the content near their ads  
  • 35% of Singapore consumers would feel less favourable towards a brand whose ad appears alongside content that opposes D&I efforts 
  • 38% of Singapore consumers would be unlikely to engage with an ad that appears alongside content that opposes D&I efforts 
  • 40% of Singapore consumers would be unlikely to purchase a product/service from an ad that appears alongside content that opposes D&I efforts asia%2fcontent%2fScreenshot+2023 04 06+at+11.41.44+AM asia%2fcontent%2fScreenshot+2023 04 06+at+11.41.35+AM



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