Operating across seven major industries with more than 300 companies, Dogus Group has made their latest investment into the first Hyatt Hotel in Croatia. The 55 million dollar investment comes as the Group plans to invest 120 million into the Croatian Adriatic city of Zadar.

Construction on the hotel is underway on the site of the former factory, Maraska. Hyatt Regency Zadar Maraska is expected to open in early 2024 in the historic centre of Zadar; however, this comes after four years of delays.

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The hotel’s construction was initially supposed to begin in 2016, although delays from complications in development pushed the opening date along. Dogus Group and Hyatt had to wait until urban planning issues were resolved.

The new hotel will have 150 rooms and suites, featuring 115 apartments that will complete a “mini-city” of restaurants, bars, and shops.

As one of the more prominent foreign investors in Croatia, Dogus Group has previously invested 270 million euros in Croatian tourism during the ten years of doing business there. At one time, Dogus considered taking partial ownership of Tankeromerc and merging the Maraska Hotel project with Marina Zadar. Due to a bankruptcy settlement falling through, Tankerkomerc wasn’t a confirmed future marina concessionaire.

The five-star hotel, Hyatt Regency Zadar Maraska, will create 140 jobs, turning the old Maraska building into a new tourist hot spot.




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