Sally Duxfield is the founder of luxury, off-the-grid retreat, Arete.

Located on her property in the Tararua Forest Park, Arete is designed to give companies a space to deep think and conduct strategy conversations, without distraction.

“Using science-based tools and the IMPACT4Q model that I have designed, I help entrepreneurs, elite athletes and senior leadership teams, to reduce overwhelm, control stress, and pursue peak performance,” explained Duxfield. 

Previously a military officer, Duxfield has translated her experience leading teams in extreme environments to helping corporate professionals recharge and connect with one another by disconnecting. 

She also applies neuroscience models and globally-recognised scientific research to design her retreat programmes. Dr Andrew Huberman, Dr Sahar Yousef and Dr Adam Wright are some of her inspirations. 

She said that her latest international programme, The Edge 2024, has never before been imagined and pushes traditional boundaries. Taking place in Morocco, Costa Rica and New Zealand, Duxfield’s latest project is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a development opportunity facilitated by neuroscientists, psychologists, peak performance coaches and special forces instructors. 

For Duxfield, it is important to treat rules as an indication for direction, rather than something to blindly follow. Her drive for creating unique experiences that inspire change for her clients continues to be a key motivating factor. 

“My heartfelt desire is for everyone to feel joy, passion and energy – to know their worth, live their genius and live in service of others.”

Her biggest advice for her younger self is that it is sometimes wise to ignore the advice of those around you.

“Our families and friends don’t want to see us hurt or fail; that is their driver for telling you to ‘get a secure job’, or ‘that’s a risky thing to do’. It’s not because they don’t believe in you, they are protecting you. Be grateful for their love and advice, and soundly ignore it.”

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