British luxury fashion house Burberry has welcomed the Lunar New Year by unveiling its exclusive Year of the Rabbit 2023 collection with reimagined and free-spirited designs. The collection includes men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing.

Additionally, the brand has taken an extra step (or shall we say hop?) to add the Year of the Rabbit element to its Lola Bag collection, accessories, and silk scarves. We also absolutely love the special gesture of redesigning the TB Thomas Burberry monogram by giving it bunny ears. Attention to detail is always appreciated. Scroll on to discover why this capsule collection from Burberry deserves every ounce of your attention.

‘Take a Leap’: Burberry introduces its Year of the Rabbit 2023 collection

Burberry’s marketing campaign is the best summation of its Year of The Rabbit collection. The video campaign depicts the characteristics of a rabbit and aligns them with its core message—Small steps. Big ideas. Dream further.’

Burberry’s top-notch campaign offers a new perspective to the Chinese New Year collection, with actors Shi Peng Yuan, Qi Xi, and footballer Zhao Lina further enhancing it with their rare magnetism. Here’s a glimpse of the playful, eccentric, yet sophisticated Burberry campaign.

More about ‘Year of the Rabbit’ collection

The first thing you’d notice in the collection? The creative patterns stand out for their somewhat eccentric yet adorable ‘floppy ear’ motifs and prints. These have been incorporated intensely by Burberry in the new collection including in sweatshirts, bomber jackets, sweaters, hoodies, crepe de chine skirts and embellished woollen beanies, for both men and women. Although the collection primarily has a dominant black-and-white colour scheme, Burberry has also included red outfits to reimpose the Year of The Rabbit theme.

Also, do not miss out on the quirky bags and accessories like the Thomas Bear Charm in Rabbit Costume with its cute bunny ears popping out. As for the kids, the designs look incredibly adorable and feature rabbit prints and, our favourite, 3D bunny ear caps.

Get your hands on the adorable and exclusive Year of the Rabbit 2023 collection online here.

Hero image credit: Courtesy Official Website Burberry

Featured image credit: Courtesy Official Website Burberry

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Who owns Burberry?

Answer: Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. The Burberry Group Plc functions as the brand’s holding company.

Question: Is Burberry doing a Year of The Rabbit collection?

Answer: Yes, Burberry has recently launched its exclusive Year of the Rabbit collection.

Question: What products does Burberry sell?

Answer: Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand that mostly does men and women’s apparel, accessories, bags, shoes, watches and sunglasses.



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