The film, conceptualised by Talented, highlights how there’s an internal and external burden of potential that women face today.

Tanishq has rolled out a new ‘superwoman’ campaign in time for International Women’s Day. 

The film explores the concept of a ‘superwoman’ through the story of a protagonist who manages to balance her family, career and personal life with perfection. The film begins with a narrator praising the protagonist for her exceptional multitasking abilities and her ability to excel in every aspect of her life. The protagonist is referred to as a ‘superwoman’ and the narrator continues to marvel at her extraordinary abilities. However, the film takes a turn when the protagonist interrupts the praise and expresses her weariness and vulnerability. She acknowledges that while she may appear to be a superwoman, she is human and prone to exhaustion and stress like everyone else.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, general manager – marketing, Tanishq, said, “Today, women across the board are striving to strike the effortless balance between the multiple roles they play in life and are under the constant unsaid expectation to be thriving at it. But here’s a reminder to pause and remove that metaphorical cape sometimes, after all, you’re human too. This narrative is inspired by the stories of many a superwoman all around each one of us celebrating the other side of what goes into making them”

Binaifer Dulani, founding member and creative, Talented, said, “We have higher expectations from women than we do from humans. Women today suffer from a burden of potential. A dad may get a standing ovation for packing lunch for his kids on one day – but the benchmark for women is much higher. Being called a superwoman is a compliment only when it’s not an expectation. This is as much a narrative about gender, as it is about mental health. Women’s week felt like a moment as good as any to bring this forward.”

Kopal Naithani, founder and director, Superfly Films, said, “Do women have the luxury of time? We are so busy trying to ace everything in life, living above and beyond the idea of being a multitasker that I don’t think we even realise when it begins to take a toll on us. Somewhere we have ourselves forgotten that we are human. That we can or only need to do so much. The world sees women in a certain light but where do women see themselves? And I think that is where the climax of the film takes us – this campaign is a long overdue reminder.”

Client: Tanishq
Agency: Talented
Production house: Superfly Films



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