KOTA KINABALU,. Bad weather with continuous heavy rain lashed various parts of Sabah yesterday evening resulting in a woman being crushed to death by a falling tree in Papar while tidal water overflowed into Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen here.

Sabah Fire and Rescue Department operations assistant director, Misran Bisara, said the victim was identified as Katizah Juani, 55, who died after being hit by a fallen fig tree that also damaged three houses.

He said the department received a report on the incident in Kampung Laut Kinarut at about 3 pm this afternoon and fire brigade had to cut the tree using a chain saw before removing the victim.

“The victim who was pronounced dead at the scene, was then handed over to the police for further action, Firemen also checked the location to make sure there was no other danger at the scene and the operation ended at 5.29 pm,” he said when contacted by reporters.

Meanwhile, Misran said the clash of high tide with continuous heavy rain resulted in a flash flood in Tanjung Lipat here including Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen located by the beach which is also one of the main roads here.

He said the road could only be used by heavy vehicles at the moment and advised motorists to use alternative roads in the city.

“The fire brigade received an emergency call of a flood in the area at 4.15 this afternoon as the rain started to subside but the water level was still 15 cm above the road level. The traffic situation at the moment is slow,” he said.

Misran said a four-wheel drive fell into the drain beside the road but driver was rescued by passers-by before the arrival of the fire brigade.

Earlier, pictures and videos of the flash flood scene at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen and a four-wheel drive vehicle went viral on social media.


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