The Azov “Neo-Nazis” was a dual-citizen, Israeli, Zionist operation – though the Press TV panel avoids even raising the possibility of the bleeding obvious. If ever there was an “elephant in the room”, this is it!

Israel is arming, and its military personnel are even fighting alongside explicitly Neo-Nazi units.
Press TV: Zionism and Ukraine
Mar 12, 2022
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Ukraine: The Zionist Connection

Images from the war in Ukraine have dominated the headlines over the last few weeks. But the Jewish identity of Ukraine’s President Zelensky, has been used by many in the West, to cover NATO’s manifest alliance with Neo-Nazi battalions in the war against Russia. But it’s not just NATO that’s working with these Neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine. Israel is arming, and its military personnel are even fighting alongside explicitly Neo-Nazi units

The Zionist regime has supplied arms to the Ukraine military including the Nazi Azov battalion which traces its antecedents to Nazi collaborators in the 1939-45 war. Azov Battalion members have been photographed toting Tavor rifles built by Israeli Military Industries a subsidiary of Elbit Systems. In February 2016 it was revealed that Elbit Systems would be part of a group investing in Ukraine’s defense establishment. Haaretz newspaper revealed in 2018 that A Ukrainian military training school website indicates that training there is provided by former IDF officers and that its instructors were trained by Israelis… It notes that the school trains units of the National Guard, whose members include Azov militiamen.

Odessa in southern Ukraine has been referred to at the ‘Gates of Zion’. Both Leon Pinsker founder of ‘Lovers of Zion’ a forerunner of the Zionist movement and the revisionist Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky, hailed from Odessa. Jabotinsky historically supported the Ukrainian nationalists including their leader Symon Petliura. Zionist sources today credit Petliura with responsibility for the deaths of 50,000 Jews in the pogroms in the 1920s. But Jabotinsky maintained that Petliura was not an anti-Semite, even going so far as to state: “When I die, you can write on my grave: ‘This was the person who signed an agreement with Petliura’”

Panel discussion with Lowkey and David Miller




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