Yesterday, I noticed that there were a lot of articles posted around the internet where the author had some intimate connection to the date 1/9. There has also been a lot of ’19’s.

So, what’s up with 1/9?

I’m not an insider, so I can only speculate, but here’s the way I interpret it:

On the morning of 1/9, the star Nunki (arrow-maker) rises with the sun.

Nunki sits in Sagittarius, which was known as Pabilsag and Ninurta in ancient Sumeria. It is said in Sumerian literature that Pabilsag was 1 of the 4 original antediluvian houses, and that a 5th house (5th column) was added after the flood.

He is the son of Enlil and was revered for his warlike nature. His job was to wage war on the hostile ‘rebel-lands’. This is related to the Christian phrase “these things cannot happen until the rebellion occurs“.

To the Christians, Pabilsag is known as the ‘White Horse’, or Antichrist, and he needs hostile rebels to wage war on. Hence, the constant calls for a global rebellion, and targeting groups within the population. We are supposed to be the rebel-bad-guys.

Wikipedia has this to say about the Antichrist, notice that they refer to him as people:

the Antichrist refers to people prophesied by the Bible to oppose Jesus Christ and substitute themselves in Christ’s place before the Second Coming.


It would appear that the western countries are the Christ character, and that is why they keep trying to get people to protest (rebel and be hostiles).

This is the same role he played in Sumerian lore. In fact, if you look up Ninurta in Sumerian art, you will see him chasing away the chimera, which is Christ. You will see similar chimera iconography in ancient Greek art as well.

The script is an old one.

So, my interpretation is that 1/9 signifies the start of the next stage, and that its brought on by the mythical Pabilsag, or the Antichrist. Could be wrong though, I’m simply speculating.



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