Happening from 2 to 28 February 2023, Jays Phua’s showcase takes viewers into the artist’s innermost desires.

Artist Jays

“Art is a wordless language capable of expressing what would otherwise be impossible to communicate.” To Singaporean artist Jays Phua, this is one of the statements that form the foundation of his artistic endeavour. Through his abstract expressionist works, the audience gets transported into Jays’ world of art — “an opportunity of self-discovery, rejuvenation and reconnection”.

Worries on Holiday 2023 1200x1600mm

For the month of February 2023, the prolific artist is hosting an exhibition at Gallery1819. Titled, “Finding Focus in Distraction — A Solo Exhibition by Jays”, an intimate journey awaits the audience as they are greeted with art pieces created with bold strokes, bright colours, decisive staccato marks and poignant textures.

First Bloom From The Heart 2023 1200x1600mm

Many of Jays’ artworks are a reflection of his life experiences and his constant search for a deeper meaning in life. This yearning for the “truth” manifested into reality when Jays became free from the clutches of drugs and disillusion. Jays eventually found solace in painting as it resonated deeply with him and his newfound motivation. Being an artist gave him unbridled joy and a sense of awakening, it also helped Jays to express his innermost desire through the medium of art.

Conduits 2022 700x700mm

Most of Jays works are done in acrylic and they are all highly sought-after by collectors from around the world like South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Germany and the US. These connoisseurs often fell in love with Jays’ art at first glance. At the exhibition, viewers are presented with a chronicle of Jays’ life phases: from the pursuit of success to the burnout and his comeback through art.

Distraction Parade 2023 1000x1400mm

“Like a phoenix from the ashes,” Jays is basking in the glory of a new dawn of possibilities and is undoubtedly the newest sensation to push Singapore’s art scene further into the international stage.

Exhibition details:

2-28 February 2023
315 Outram Road, #02-04 Singapore 169074
11am – 7pm, Opens Daily


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