Accor Pacific has announced a partnership with Ecotourism Australia, certifying all Accor hotels, apartments, and resorts across Australia and the Pacific as sustainable tourism-certified businesses.

Ecotourism Australia’s sustainable tourism certification programme was introduced last year, and the standard has been recognised by the global sustainable tourism council, a group designed to monitor tourism operators and businesses to meet and gain recognition for best sustainability practices and initiatives. 

Ecotourism Australia asses business across the four pillars of sustainability: Sustainable management, environmental impacts, cultural projects, and socio-economic impacts. Ecotourism Australia CEO, Elissa Keenan said that using Ecotourism Australia’s more than 30 years of experience is the best way for Accor Pacific to practise sustainability.

“Accor’s significant presence across regions, including Ecotourism Australia certified ECO

Destinations Port Douglas Daintree, Bundaberg and the Coffs Coast,” explained Keenan. 

“Seventeen other regions currently undertaking certification, and throughout regional areas and capital cities demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in Australia and the Pacific unique environments.”

Keenan says that partnership is key to the organisation.

Accor Pacific CEO, Sarah Derry said that sustainability is redefining their business model and that they are proud to lead the industry by investing in sustainable actions and activities in the region.

“In 2022 Accor Pacific removed some 43 single-use plastic items such as individual

toiletries from guest-facing areas in over 80 percent of hotels,” explained Derry. 

“In 2023 and beyond we are committed to taking these actions further into the removal of single-use plastics from back-of-house operations, microplastics in laundries and by finding an appropriate long-term solution to replace plastic water bottles,” said Derry.

 “We know there is a lot more to do and our teams will continue to focus on driving sustainability actions. There are no limits to our ambition.”

Accor Pacific has 19 locations across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, all of which will be included in this endeavour. 



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