RK Winfield

Yes, all the world a stage[1],
Turned to a theatre of deceit
When “Money” directs the plays.
Then, it’s lies, lies, endless…the lies!
All ‘agents provocateurs’ and ‘false flags’ these days.
Inconvenient truths just don’t make the grade,
Won’t find their way onto newspaper pages,
Bought newspaper pages,
Bought lies.
And all of this was to be expected;
All was required for such lies to fly.
Tell me, are weather-makers cooking the climate,
Queering the weather, poisoning our skies?
Is seasonal flu dressed up as plague?
And, unprecedented,
How is freefall down to base accepted,
No question,
For steel-frame skyscrapers minimally ablaze?

Money has bought the world, and all their media
Have the people blindly doing as told.
Now, evil courts legal, freedom’s called wrong,
And lies lead us all into the devil’s fold.

Pandemic, well, what a surprise!
After the dry-run, rehearsals and warnings,
Here is the show, here is the lie:
Covid 19,
A lie so big you can steal a world with it.
And you ask: “Won’t herd-immunity come into play?”
But we heard immunity needs a vaccine.
Except that it doesn’t!
The pricked still may sicken,
And, just like the flu – strangely gone missing –
The pricked still may sicken, infect others, and die.
Oh yes,
Like the asymptomatic…but that was a lie!
So, where is this going?
Well, if the plague doesn’t get you, the “vaccine” just might!
So, what’s in it?
They don’t like to say.
But experimental gene tampering, what’s not to like?
We hear some are placebos – it’s all quite a game!
And so the plot thickens, as Money buys words,
And meanings are changed. But what do we say
When lies infect words?
Words can not say.
Dictionaries, edited; our language, our truth!
We no longer knowing what once we all knew.
And all this to fit in with Money’s dictates,
But how did we get here, where madness makes rules?
We might start by looking to Cornwall for clues.
“G7”, just look at the pictures of the happy assemblage,
Unmasked and undistanced, unlike the rest of us
In lockdown these days.
I mean, is our prime minister recklessly brave,
Mingling in gatherings amidst such a Plague?
Foreigners, too, from countries far-flung;
All of them bare-faced, hob-nobbing…
Such fun!

Money has Healthcare, Education, the Law,
World Government, Military, Land and Seed,
The Media, Church, Outer Space and all.
Indeed, all bar nothing, bar nothing at all, and slowly,
Too slowly, the people see how they’ve all been sold.

Come on in, the money’s lovely!
This is “Monopoly”.
Here are the oligarchs; they have stolen the world.
These least of people, these money-grubbers, these usurers,
These thieves,
Such cannot “buy” the world with the trillions they stole.
Do they think they’re in Hollywood, reality in freeze?
Money of this ilk never could buy!
Indeed, what ‘is’ money?
‘They’ control banks, ‘they’ control governments,
And the green stuff’s churned out on a nod and a sigh.
Here is corruption to level all decency;
Here is corruption high as the sky!
I mean, what is a dollar when one has so many,
Giving twenty-five dollars to each living soul
Still leaves him rolling in oceans of “Go”?
One family, it’s said, might – at a stroke – give tens
Of thousands to each mortal soul. So, what is money?
A measure of value? a tool for trade? Whatever,
I’ve been ’round the houses and this much I know:
They have but all of it; we’ve little to show.

Money stole the world while ‘bread and circuses’
Stayed the people from seeing they’d been sold.
Now, evil sways legal, freedom’s much gone,
And lies lead us all into the devil’s fold.

Here we are, falling,
Falling into a trap.
There will be no way out if we cannot stop.
Just look at the people behind all of this:
Eugenicists! Is that not a clue?
Their main aim being? Being shot of you!
And what of “5G”? How does that fly?
Nobody asked for it,
Nobody needed it,
Yet they’re rolling it out, at our expense,
At breakneck speed…worldwide.
Beware 5G! It’s a military weapon, a tool
Of control. Control of what? Control of you,
From your insides out, at the flick of a switch,
Through the turn of a dial.
It serves Money; serves them insidiously:
Interacting with us at a cellular level,
“Speaking” to us, changing us,
Planting bad seed, stealing our minds,
Serving the slavemasters, never mankind.
And how would it “speak” but through graphene,
A trojan horse seeded within the vaccine,
Receiving, transmitting, dancing their tune.
Money, demonic monster of insatiable greed,
Wide as the world. Wider!
This is their big one, their dream of forever.
And what do they seek? What must they have?
Everything! Everything, and this:
Immortality…for them. And us?
Their sheep! That’s those remaining after the cull.
Yes, Money wants all of this, wants it now and for keeps;
Money wants all of us, minus our soul;
Money wants everyone doing as told;
Digital ID for a digital globe;
Digital people with digital codes;
Our money, digital…totally controlled.
Operating systems, seeded within us,
Utterly alienating body and soul.
And wouldn’t it be, and wouldn’t it be…just so?
All the better for to serve the few, the very,
Very few, the psychotic, oligarchic…cold.

Money stole the world, inveigled people
To take their poison, bequeathing them total control.
Now, evil looks legal, freedom fades on,
And lies lead us all into the devil’s fold.

Fathomless, this ‘Age of Deceit’!
The brain-washed, blind, and raging at doubters,
And all their told world…illusory.
Yet it’s easy to see who’s behind all of this:
Just follow the money, step by step.
Money did this! And how do I know?
Only they have the heft to buy all the world,
To bribe all the world, to make quislings and monsters
Of so many we need trust. It’s them behind this!
Tell me,
Do you think they were pricked? They know what’s in it!
Oh no, the invisible worm[4], it’s not for them;
It’s for us!
That’s us and a few of their “special guests” –
You know, politicians, businessmen, celebrities, and such.
Except, of course, they’re doing a switch!
It’s all a set-up, a grand play to the press:
Special guests are not stuck with the vials used on us.
No, they’re given placebos, them, and the rest:
Those “lucky” few chosen by Money to exist,
To serve them, amuse them, be “rats” for their tests
On some new drugs that…just might do the trick!
The trick? Gifting limitless life – to the rich!
Well, fancy that! What a surprise!
Such “ordinary” desires: impossible wealth,
Total control…and everlasting life!
Yes, the worship of money, there’s your slip-road to Faustus,
Irresistible evil, horns and a tail!
It’s all quite the fashion:
Evil rises in places where truth is ousted,
And these days, truth wastelands have mushroomed worldwide.
Yes, Satan is busy!
They’re pushing raw poison for their slippery disease,
But you won’t know what’s in it for seventy-five years!
And nobody knows – reality’s “cleaned” –
But everywhere’s aftermath of their “miracle” vaccines.

Money stole the world. See how the people
Shrink in fear knowing Money is cold.
Now, evil acts legal, freedom’s but gone,
And lies lead us all into the devil’s fold.

Tragic, it is, almost beyond belief
That we’ve brought our great odyssey down to this,
This white-out of lies at the end of our world, and here
May lose everything, everything given, and everything built,
For some view themselves as more worthy than us.
And my, how brightly their confidence rings out
As they tip their hand for all to see.
Hubris, perhaps,
But I wonder what spiritual etiquette
Has Money tell of their murderous,“sweet” plans.
Perhaps our treasured soul decrees such vampires
Play an open hand, pitching us all
As best they can, yet take the prize,
Our homely soul…but of our free will
And, should their telling draw no snarl-response,
No roaring speeches to clamorous throngs,
Onward, onward, play on!
“You will own nothing and you will be happy”, they tell us.
Will they own nothing? No chance!
They’ll have it all; all we once had,
And all they’ve got.
But most of all, they’ll own us. Us!
Digitised, patented, controlled through and through
Through a misguided fear of minimal flu,
Through a plague of lies their media played through,
Through a trojan horse, their untested vaccines,
Loaded with poisons…and connective graphene.
Can’t you see? Can’t you see?
They’re turning us all into half-human machines!
And what does that mean? What does that mean to us?
What does that mean?
It means the God-breath of us, our sacred blood,
Our spirit existence losing its lines,
Prized channels, strangled…asphyxiants, we!
Then all our good wealth, fine complexities, made alien, go,
As soulless we drift under Money’s control.
And all of our days,
All of our days our veins blighted.
As tomorrows rise…tomorrows yawn!
And we tread our lives,
And we tread our lives, “wormblown”[5], broken, lost,
And forgotten, forgotten the wines we would know!

Money stole the world as all our leaders
Traded their souls, betraying us all for gold.
Now, evil is legal, freedom…an old song,
For lies led us all into the devil’s fold.

RK Winfield is a man who has spent his life living here and there, doing this and that. Occasionally, when moved to do so, he writes the odd poem. Now, not as young as once he was, he lives in Devon.


[1] …all the world a stage… – Taken from “All the world’s a stage…” (As You Like It 1.2.139).[back]

[2] …looking to Cornwall… – The G7 Summit Meeting was held at The Carbis Bay Hotel, Cornwall 11-13 June 2021.[back]

[3] …I mean, is our prime minister recklessly brave? – The UK Prime Minister at the time was Boris Johnson.[back]

[4] …the invisible worm… – From The Sick Rose by William Blake.[back]

[5] …wormblown… – A person subjected to myriad toxins (e.g. those reported to exist in the Covid “vaccines”) and, as a consequence of this, being made chronically vulnerable to infection and disease through having had their immune system severely compromised. (cf. flyblown)[back]


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