Jessica Miles

Country manager, Australia and New Zealand

Integral Ad Science 


In just five short years since joining integral Ad Science (IAS), Jessica Miles has transitioned from sales director to country manager.

Today, IAS is the number one verification vendor in the Australian and New Zealand market with a 75% market share. This success is in no small part due to Miles’ leadership. In her first year as country manager she grew revenue by 30% year-on-year and increased local employee satisfaction from 77% to 91%. She has also retained all Tier 1 media agency holding company partners.

To achieve this growth, Miles diversified product adoption and sought new revenue streams from advertisers that have in-house trading and by targeting key independent agencies.

By diversifying product adoption, Miles grew programmatic with a year-on-year growth rate of 44%. She also won on key programmatic-first brands and signed the first ‘group-agency’ deal ensuring IAS is the preferred partner for a group of independent agencies, doubling year-on-year revenue from this group.

To maintain market dominance, Miles knew she had to keep IAS top of mind so she launched an aggressive marketing and communications plan. This involved nine bylines focused on topics such as programmatic advertising, quality path optimisation, cookie deprecation, and privacy and leadership which generated 388 mentions, including nine paid events and sponsorships, four earned events, and speaker opportunities. Four IAS-run webinars altogether generated nearly 1,000 leads.

As a leader, Miles has increased employee satisfaction dramatically from 77% to 91%, making Australia the ‘most satisfied’ office globally. Miles credits embracing flexibility, hybrid working, structuring the team to ensure that everyone has an optimal workload, and focusing on team training, as the main reasons why employee satisfaction is so high.

Miles is also an avid participant of the IAB Exec Tech Council and supports the IAB Ad Effectiveness Council, making sure that media quality and measurement continue to be a priority.

In addition, Miles actively participates in the IAB Mentorship programme as a mentor. She feels this is a great way to give back to the industry that has given her so much and help new recruits build their skills and career.

Outside of work, Miles has a passion for cars and once approached the journalists at Drive.com to offer her free time to review cars. She was very excited when they agreed and she was able to review cars for the ‘he says, she says’ section.

Prior to joining IAS, Miles worked for mobile ad network startup InMobi where she was one of the founding members. Thereafter, she worked as a mobile account manager for Fairfax, one of Australia’s leading news publishers, and later as an account director at the mobile demand-side platform, Pocketmath.




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