Police from Thailand’s Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) have taken two social media influencers and a rapper-cum-songwriter into custody for questioning about their alleged connections with the “Macau 888” online gambling website.

The CCIB raided two locations in Bangkok and a third in Pung Kone district of the north-eastern province of Sakhon Nakhon, where the three individuals were believed to staying.

Armed with a search warrant, the police entered a condominium in Bangkok’s Phahonyothin area, where social media influencer “Tanyakarn” is living. They found Tanyakarn and another woman in the room and allegedly discovered about five grams of ketamine.

Tanyakarn reportedly told the police that, in 2019, she was employed to do a music video promoting the “Macau 888” website, but she claimed the illicit drugs belong to her brother.

A Lamborghini super car was also found at the condominium and was impounded, after it was discovered that the license plate was fake. Police are looking for the car’s owner for questioning.

In the second raid, on a house in a housing estate in Thung Khru district, where “Mira”, another social media influencer, is staying, police seized a computer notebook and her smart phone for examination.

In the third raid, in Pung Kone district of Sakhon Nakhon Province, police searched the house of “Anuwat”, a rapper who wrote a song promoting the “Macau 888” website.

All three were escorted to CCIB head office for questioning, although no charges have yet been filed against them.

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